Are My Car’s Speakers Blown?

Junk Car Speakers
Are my car speakers blown?

You’re driving down the road and enjoying your favorite song in your vehicle. You turn up the volume a little louder…and then a bit louder still…and then suddenly, it happens. You notice a change in the sound coming out of your speakers. Uh oh. Are your car’s speakers blown?


It can be difficult to diagnose and assess exactly what’s wrong with a vehicle’s speaker system. If things don’t sound right, any number of different possibilities could be to blame for it. Maybe you did push the system a little bit too hard, and that’s what did it. Or, maybe there was some sort of an electrical problem that shorted the system out and caused the speakers to pop. Perhaps there are simply loose connections somewhere, or the voice coils are coming out of place.


If you’re looking to sell a junk car, assessing the condition of the speakers can be a good thing to do ahead of time. We can pay for a car in good condition in Massachusetts for up to $12,000. If the speakers are in relatively good condition, you may be able to remove them and sell them separately from the junk car for a little bit of extra cash. But, if the speakers don’t sound quite right, it’s useful to be able to assess what it is that’s causing the issue and how you might be able to go about fixing it. Keep reading to learn more.


The Anatomy of Car Speakers


In order to understand what may or may not be wrong with your car’s speakers, it’s important to first get a better sense of what exactly a speaker is. In order to do this, we’ll take a quick look at the component parts of a speaker.


Generally speaking, speakers consist of 3 parts:



  • Cone: This part of your speaker is what produces the so-called “mid-range” sounds of the audible spectrum. This includes things like horns, guitars, and the human voice. If a speaker’s cone is blown, you may hear it rattling when sound comes through. The speaker can also sound quite low in volume.
  • Tweeter: A speaker’s tweeter is the part that produces the highest frequency sounds, such as symbols and other high pitched sounds. A speaker with a blown tweeter will sound very “dark,” and it’ll be hard to discern individual notes.
  • Woofer: A woofer is the part of a speaker that produces low frequency sounds. Not every car has a woofer, but some vehicles have them installed. If you’ve ever heard a car driving down the street with bass rattling out of the trunk, the owner has likely installed a separate subwoofer speaker in the rear of the vehicle. A speaker with a damaged woofer will sound very thin, almost like the music is coming through a phone line.



If the cone, tweeter, or woofer of a speaker is damaged, it may not be possible to repair. However, intermittent or crackly sound is sometimes simply an issue of poor wiring. In this case, it may be possible to remove your speakers and sell them for extra cash.

When it comes to selling your junk car, be sure you’re getting as much cash as you can by choosing the right junk car buyer. Junk Car Traders pays top dollar for junk cars nationwide: call us at 888-323-7128 to find out more.

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