What to do with a beloved (or not so beloved) old junk car

Even though a car is just a machine with no heart or soul, it may not feel like that if you have enjoyed many of life’s special moments either in it or at a place that you drove to thanks to your beloved car. If it’s an old one, you very well could have owned it for years, maybe even decades. Or perhaps you purchased it recently because it attracted you or was simply all that you could afford then. However, the time has come to end the relationship because it is either no longer running, is running but is no longer worth the costs or is still a decent car but you simply want to replace it. You have many option, and options all across the country, including Florida

Sell your junk car as a whole

If you choose to sell it, a private party sale will most likely earn you the most money, but it will also most likely take more effort and time. The time saved by selling it to a dealer may be worth any loss in selling price. Another possibility is a junk yard, an especially promising option if your vehicle is barely running or not at all.

Do your homework prior to selling, discovering the true value of your car and its parts. Afterwards, get several offers so that you can compare them. You can even ask people and places in all three aforementioned categories to see which one would be the best package deal for you.

Be careful with the paperwork to ensure that the sale is 100 percent completed as soon as possible after money changes hands. Make sure that you’re no longer liable for the car.

Disassemble, then sell

Of course, this is something that a junk yard can do for you if you want to sacrifice some of the value of the parts for the ease of not having to dissemble the car and sell the parts yourself.

If you do decide to do this yourself and the engine and transmission are still working, record them doing just that if you can so that you can pass that on to any interested buyers. You might want to take the time to remove these parts immediately after recording so that you can dispatch them right away if a sale is made. Regardless of which part or parts are being requested, respond quickly as the time frame for all parts sales will likely be short.

Donate your junk car

As long as it’s aged gracefully and still has some value, you could consider donating your car so that you can couple doing a good deed with enjoying the tax benefits of being able to write off at least part of its value. Note that it doesn’t necessarily need to be running as some charities will accept undrivable cars and sell the parts off themselves.

Do the necessary research to ensure that the value of your vehicle has been accurately assessed and that the charity is a 501(c)(3) organization and is reputable. You also want to be as honest as possible with the organization so that it will be receiving a vehicle as close to what is expected as is possible.

Also note that if the charity is going to sell the car, that will most likely impact the amount of your tax write-off.

Trade your junk car

This can be done with a car dealership, a friend or family member that you know well or simply someone who answered the advertisement that you placed online. Once again, you should assess the value of your old car as accurately as possible, but you’ll want to ensure that you know what you’ll be receiving as well. In fact, this step of the process will most likely take more time since you’re not going to know what you’re trading for nearly as well as a car that you’ve driven yourself for a while.




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