Can I sell my car without a title?

When you’re looking to sell your vehicle, there are a lot of things to account for. First, you’ve got to figure out what it’s worth. Depending on its condition and the market in your area, there can be a pretty significant range of values for your car’s year, make, and model.

Then, you have to decide how you want to actually go about selling your vehicle. You’ve basically got a few different options: dealerships, private buyers, junk yards or scrap yards, and professional junk car buyers. If you call up a dealership, chances are you’ll be pretty unhappy with the miserably small amount they quote you. Private buyers can be a good choice, so long as you don’t have an old junk car: private parties generally don’t want rusty old vehicles, after all. Junk yards and scrap yards are frequently out to scam you, and a lot of them charge extra, hidden fees. A professional junk car buyer like Junk Car Traders is a good choice if you’ve got an old vehicle: we pay top dollar for cars that have seen better days. We aim to make this process as easy as possible, we can even tow your car for free in rural areas like areas in Mississippi

Regardless of how you choose to sell your car, though, all of these methods have one thing in common: paperwork. And the first line item when it comes to the paperwork involved in selling your vehicle is: sign the title over to the new buyer.

But, what if you don’t have a title? Don’t stress: here’s what you need to do.

Can I sell my vehicle with no title?

First off, you’ve got to assess why the title isn’t in your possession.

If your bank or lender has the title, it’s likely because you haven’t finished paying off the vehicle. In this case, it’s important to pay off the vehicle in full and obtain the title from the bank before selling your car. Alternatively, you can arrange for a buyer to go with you to your bank and pay you on the spot for your car, at which point you can use those funds to pay off the outstanding amount of your loan. The bank can then give you the title, and you can sign it over to the buyer.

Of course, most people who are wondering how to sell a car without a title are in a different situation: they’ve lost their vehicle title altogether.

What to do if you’ve lost your title

Don’t worry: if you’ve lost your car’s title, you can still sell it. First, call your state DMV and ask if you can obtain a duplicate. More often than not, it’s possible to get a duplicate copy of your title for a small fee.

If your car is a certain age or older, there may not be a title for it. Some states don’t issue titles for older vehicles: for example, in some states, cars that are more than 25 years old can be sold without a vehicle title. You’ll need to check with your DMV to find out what the laws are in your state.

If you’re having trouble getting a duplicate title, or if you’re unsure of how to proceed, Junk Car Traders can help. We’ll gladly work with sellers who don’t have titles. To learn more, visit


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