Can I sell my junk car without a title?

If you’re like most junk car owners, you’re fed up with dealing with your old clunker. Sure, it was great back in the day. You’ve probably made a lot of fond memories that you associate with your old vehicle. But, the time has come to sell it. What pushed you over the edge? More than likely, you reached a point where the cost of trying to repair your clunker actually exceeds its value. That’s when you know it’s time to pull the plug, once and for all.

Not everyone follows this path when it comes to selling their junk car, though. Maybe you’ve got an old rusted out vehicle on your property, and you’re not even sure how it got there. All you know is that you want it gone.

Regardless of how you ended up with your junk car, or why you’re selling it, you just want the process to go smoothly and be over and done with. And, assuming you have all your paperwork in order, a company like Junk Car Traders should be able to take care of it for you right away. We can help make this process as easy as possible, we work in all parts of the US, from Oregon to South Carolina

Wait–paperwork? What paperwork, you ask? Ah, yes. You may have been hoping that you could just have your vehicle hauled away, without signing over a title or filling out any forms. Unfortunately, most states have laws in place that restrict the sale of vehicles. The idea is to prevent people from selling a vehicle that they’ve stolen: without proof of ownership, it’s not possible to sell a car. In the end, this protects consumers like you. Right now, though, it might be causing you a bit of a headache.

What paperwork do I need?

Ideally, when selling your junk car, you want to have both its title and registration on hand. If you’re missing one or the other, though, don’t worry: there’s hope for you yet.

A vehicle title in your name is the best way to demonstrate that you’re the owner of said vehicle. However, if you don’t have a title, it’s not the end of the world. Contact the DMV in your state, and ask them how to obtain a duplicate. Most states will provide you with a new title upon request: you pay a small fee, and the new title is mailed to you.

Some states never title a car at all, depending on the age of the vehicle. Oftentimes, a car that’s older than 25 years may not have a title associated with it; however, in some states, cars as new as just 15 years old might not have a title. In either case, selling the car in the same state where it was purchased (that is, where titles aren’t required) shouldn’t present a problem. If you’re trying to sell the vehicle in a different state, though–where titles are a requirement–your best bet is to contact the DMV, explain the situation, and ask what your options are.

At the end of the day, you can generally still sell your junk car even if you don’t have the title on hand. Your best bet is to contact your local DMV office for help. And, if you run into any issues, Junk Car Traders is happy to assist you, too!


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