Is my car a junk car?

You’ve got a vehicle in your possession that’s not exactly in the best of shape. Maybe it’s collecting dust in your garage as we speak. It might be sitting in your front yard slowly rusty away, or taking of space on the curb in front of your home. Perhaps it’s fairly new, but was involved in a bad accident. Or, in many cases, it might be older, covered in rust, and riddled with mechanical problems.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve got a car on your hands that you think may be a junk car. You’re not sure what to do with it at this point. You’re thinking you want to sell it, but you don’t know the best way to go about it. First and foremost, you need to determine whether your car is really a “junk car” or not. If it’s officially reached junk car status, then there are only a handful of options available to you.

How can you be sure whether or not your vehicle is a junk car, though? It’s easier than you might think. If you’re ready to determine your vehicle’s “junk car” status, we’re here to help! Read on for more information.

Value vs. repair cost

One of the best ways to determine whether you own a junk car or not is to assess its value in relation to the cost of any repairs it might need. This can be a challenge depending on the age and condition of the vehicle.

To start with, head over to the Kelley Blue Book website and search for your vehicle. You’ll need to enter your car’s age, make, model, and condition, along with some other information. Be sure to accurately characterize the condition of the car. If you’re trying to decide whether or not it’s a “junk car,” the condition of your car is almost certainly going to be “poor.”

Once you’ve determined the private party value from the Kelley Blue Book, you’ll need to get an estimate of what it’ll cost to fix it up. If you’re going to do the work yourself, this will involve both pricing out the cost of any parts you may need, as well as putting a price on your time per hour. Don’t forget to take the latter into account: your time is valuable! If you’re going to take it to a mechanic, just ask them for a detailed quote of any repairs your vehicle needs.

If the cost to repair your vehicle is more than what it’s worth in the first place, the answer to your question is clear: you’ve got a junk car.

Sell your junk car today

If you’ve got a genuine junk car on your hands, don’t waste another dollar on it. Sell it while you can, and use the cash to get something better instead. If you are in District of Columbia then we can take any kind of car and tow from anywhere.  If you’re wondering where to sell your junk car, we can help. Simply contact Junk Car Traders to find out what your junk car is worth. For more information, visit


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