Car problems you should never ignore

Sometimes it seems like ignoring your problems is a perfectly fine solution. Or a light comes on in your car that you don’t understand, so you figure you can leave it alone. However, there are some warnings you should never ignore. These can result in major auto trouble, and it’s always better to get ahead of them, rather than wait until something goes wrong.

Engine won’t start

This may seem self-explanitory, and is pretty hard to ignore. But if you regularly have issues starting your engine, it is important to get that checked out as soon as possible. Engine trouble can be caused by anything as simple as a dead battery to a more complicated broken ignition switch, but you won’t know if you don’t get it checked out.

Overheating the engine

You can tell if your car is overheating typically by keeping an eye on the temperature gauge when driving. If you get into the red zone, your engine may be in danger of overheating. You can also tell if your car is overheating by feeling the hood while the car is running. You’ll easily be able to tell if the car is running hot. 


Typical causes of overheating engines are coolant leaks, faulty water pumps, broken cooling fans, or faulty thermostats. All of these should get checked out sooner rather than later to ensure your car does not fail. 

Steam or smoke

If your car is smoking, get help immediately! Continuing to drive it could cause more damage or even result in a fire. Steam or smoke can be caused by worn gaskets, bad cylinders, damaged parts, or even just the wrong type of oil. Never ignore a smoking engine. 

Abnormal noises

Your engine can make a lot of weird noises. Some are normal, like when it is cooling down or heating up, but often abnormal noises can be a reason for concern. Knocking noises are caused by fuel in the engine cylinders burning unevenly. Other sounds like squeaks or vibrations can also be indicators of major trouble. Just because you can’t see an issue doesn’t mean there isn’t one. If your car is making strange noises get it checked out by a professional. 

Your safety is important, and part of ensuring your own safety is making sure your car is reliable and in good condition. Don’t wait around and assume the issue will go away on its own. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your vehicle. 

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