Our favorite celebrity voices for your GPS maps app

This has happened to all of us: you’re in your car, driving somewhere unfamiliar. Your friend, or significant other, or co-worker, or whomever is in the passenger seat next to you. And, every other sentence, your conversation is interrupted by a loud, brittle, unpleasant, “in five hundred feet, turn right.” Or, “you will arrive at your destination in 15 minutes.” Every time you’re trying to ask a question, or finish a thought, your GPS navigation system is rudely interrupting you.

What if instead of feeling frustrated at its interruptions, its occasional interjection became a conversation piece? That’s the beauty of custom celebrity voices for your navigation system: the directions for your trip become part of the fun. In fact, you might even be disappointed when you finally arrive.

There are a lot of celebrity voices out there that you can download for your favorite navigation app. That said, we’ve got a few favorites that we’d like to share. We think you’ll agree that they’re all good for a laugh, whether you’re decompressing after a long day at a conference or taking someone out for a first date.

Homer Simpson

If you’re the type to have a donut or ten while driving, the Homer Simpson voice is for you. Miss your turn? “Doh!” And when you finally reach your destination? You’ll get an excited “Woo-hoo!”


If you’re a Star Wars nerd (like a good portion of the population), the Yoda voice is a solid choice. Of course, you might want to save Yoda for simpler trips. After all, the way he mixes up the word order in sentences might get a little confusing if you’re in New York traffic!

Mr. T

Even Millennials who’ve never heard of the A-Team are familiar with Mr. T. Just remember not to miss your destination, fool!

Snoop Dogg

If your main concern when finding your way is chilling, relaxing, and just generally kicking it, then Snoop Dogg is the way to go. Stressed out in city traffic? Snoop Dogg will put things in perspective for you. His directional guidance is always laid back. Missed your turn? No big deal, just flip the script and head back the other way. We’ll get there eventually.

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