Where do I find junk car buyers in my area?

Selling a junk car can be an excellent way to reduce business costs or improve your personal bank account.  Often times business have cars that have reached the end of their useful life and they need to find a junk car buyer who will give them the most money.  The question is how do you find a trust worthy junk car buyer?

Nowadays, we tend to look everything up online. If you’re looking for a local business, gone are the days of leafing through the local phone book, or calling up a friend to ask them for a business recommendation. Instead, we tend to turn straight to the Internet. And, with good reason: after all, a quick Google search will turn up practically every local business in our area without fail.

When it comes to selling a junk car, though, things can become a little more difficult. Sure, if you’re looking to sell your clunker to a local, private buyer via an online classified website like Craigslist, then there’s no question what you need to do. You’ll simply create an ad (which involves taking pictures and writing a solid description), then wait for the calls and emails to come pouring in. Of course, as anyone who’s tried to sell a junk car using an online classified site can tell you, that’s not usually how it goes: it’s generally next to impossible to find a private buyer that’s willing to pay a decent amount for a junk car.

So, you’re left wondering how to find a junk car buyer in your area that will actually offer you a decent amount for your junk car. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for more information.

Google search

First and foremost, you can start your junk car buyer search with a Google search. Try search terms like “scrap yards near me” or “junkyards in my area.” Watch out for scammers, though. When you visit a website, trust your gut. If it looks like a scam, it probably is.

Check Google reviews

Most reputable businesses will be registered with Google, which means they’ll probably have Google reviews. Take a look at these reviews, and see what they say. Take note of any complaints related to bad checks, delayed payment, or last minute fees. If any of those red flags come up, you’ll want to avoid that junk car buyer.

Use social media

Just like Google reviews, social media can be a great way to see what people think of a particular junkyard or scrap yard. If a junk car buyer has a Facebook page, take a look at the comments and reviews that have been left there. Are any of them overtly negative? What problems did those customers have? Additionally, businesses who maintain an active online presence may prove to be more reputable than those that don’t.

Go with a national company

While it’s easy to end up getting scammed by a local hole-in-the-wall junkyard, you’re much safer going with a national company that has a proven track record and an excellent reputation. If you’re looking for a junk car buyer in your area, Junk Car Traders pays cash for junk cars in towns and cities all across the country. Visit our website at JunkCarTraders.com to find out if we service your area.  We can tow cars all over Arizona, from Casa Grande to Flagstaff. 

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