Free your Air Vents of Autumn Leaves

Fall has arrived. You may begin to notice fallen leaves settled on the black plastic panel between the windshield and hood of your car. The holes in that panel are air vents. If the vents are covered with leaves, fresh air cannot flow inside your car. And if the leaves stick around for a while and get moldy, you may breathe in the mold, which can make you sick.

How to Keep your Air Vents Clean

While there are just a few leaves falling, take time before you get in the car to pick them off by hand. As autumn rolls in, though, trees will dump their leaves seemingly overnight. It is a good idea to invest in a high-quality battery or cordless leaf blower to clean your vents of leaves; you can also use the blower for other projects around the house.

Oh Those Wet Leaves!

When you add rain (or snow) to the fallen leaves, the leaves will become heavy and your blower won’t be quite as effective. It’s important to get wet leaves off the air vents as soon as possible. Not only is there an increased possibility of mold forming, but if left there to dry, the leaves can leave marks on the car’s finish.

Taking time to clean fallen leaves off your car can improve your driving pleasure, your health and your car’s appearance.

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