Holding your own in junk-car negotiations

Once you have determined that your vehicle is now a junk car, the next step is seeing how much money you can get for it from a wrecking yard. The most important thing to consider at this point is that you will more than likely be quoted a price that is lower than what the car is worth, especially if you have not taken the time to explain in detail what you have and shown pictures of the conditions of the car’s parts. But it won’t take you too much time to educate yourself enough to hold your own in junk-car negotiations.

Does it run?

If your car runs or can be repaired to that state without too much cost or effort, expect a bit more for it than if it were simply a case of selling your vehicle for scrap metal. It helps to point out that you know that your car could be resold, decreasing the odds of your being low-balled. At the very least, expect a little more if the junk yard doesn’t have to come and pick up your car.

What’s in it?

Even if your junk car doesn’t run, it may still be home to quite a lot of value in its parts. In fact, a GPS system could be worth more than the rest of the car. Other parts to consider estimating their worth include a car’s air bags, air-conditioning system, battery, bumpers, doors, fenders and tires. If you include a list of these parts when contacting the junk yard, that step will also increase the chances of you receiving a reasonable offer for your car.

Pictures can really help your cause; take clear ones of these parts and include them when interacting with the yard so that they can have a clearer idea of what they are purchasing and how much it’s worth.

What’s the Blue Book value?

Although Blue Book values are for cars in good condition, it can still be helpful for you to look up how much your car would be worth had it been in good condition. Of course, if it actually is in good condition, you probably don’t want to sell it to a junk yard.

Use this value to estimate how much the car might be worth if it was auctioned off. Take this number and subtract the estimated cost of repairs. Doing so can also help you determine how much of a tax write-off you would enjoy if you decide to donate the car instead, a figure that can serve as an additional negotiating tool with the wrecking yard.

It’s just scrap

If very little or none of your car is salvageable and it will be pretty much sold as scrap metal, you can still do some research to ensure that you receive what you should for it. This does fluctuate, but your car as scrap should be worth roughly $150 a ton. Find out how much your car weighs and do the math so that you have a rough estimate of how much you should be offered.

Compare and be firm

You’re going to want to get second, third and further opinions before selling your car. Contact a number of local yards and let them know all of the important details about your car and ask what they would offer for it. Be ready to be asked questions, and answer them as truthfully as possible. Be wary if they tell you that you need to bring it in for an estimate as this should not be necessary.

When somebody from the chosen junk yard comes by to pick it up or you are there ready to drop it off, make sure that you are receiving the offer that they told you. Be ready to refuse to release your car or leave with it if they fail to comply.

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