How to Get Cheap Auto Parts from Salvage Yards

Is your mechanic charging you too much? Do you want to fix up an old jalopy? Are you just looking for a few new parts to spruce up your vehicle? Whatever your reason, salvage yards are a great place to go when looking for auto parts. Often the parts are much cheaper than what you’d find on the market and you could find some hidden gems hidden in the piles of rusty cars. However, before you go digging around in a scrap yard, there are a few things you should know. 

Bring Safety Gear

This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’re going to explain it anyway. Junkyards are full of rusty, sharp, dangerous materials. You should make sure to wear sturdy clothing that won’t get caught on nails or metal. You should also bring study work gloves to help you handle sharp materials or remove parts. A mask or goggles will also help you avoid dust and debris getting in your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Stay safe out there!

Bring Your Own Tools and Expert

A salvage yard may have tools for you to rent, but you’re better off bringing your own just to be safe. A phillips-head screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and drill will be handy. Bring a wheelbarrow so you can carry all your treasure with you easily.

Also, if you’re not an expert in cars, it’s a good idea to bring someone along who is. They can help you determine if that battery is going to work or if the transmission isn’t worth the hassle. 

Make Sure to get a Good Deal

There are a few things to make sure you get when buying auto parts from a salvage yard. 

First, make sure to get a warranty from the seller. This way, if the part doesn’t work you can return for a replacement or refund. Some salvage yards won’t offer warranties, so do your research to find one that does before heading out.

You can also haggle with the yard owner to try to get a better deal. They may try to high-ball you at first, so try to get them to lower the price if you can. This is where having an expert who knows the value of parts will be helpful. 

Set Up Alerts

If you know exactly what car you need parts from, it may be worth setting up an alert for that vehicle in your area. LKQ lets you flag cars you need parts from and will email you when one turns up in your area. You’ll need to act fast, as others may also be looking for parts from that car. 

You may also want to research vehicles with compatible parts and set up alerts for them as well. That way you can get what you need faster. 



With these tips, you’ll be ready for the salvage yard in no time! So get out there and scour the lot for the cheap parts of your dreams! If you decide that you want to sell your junk car we buy cars all across Georgia

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