How to “Upsell” Your Junk Car

When trying to sell their junk cars, some sellers are afraid to tell the truth about their cars. It’s not because they’re devious people – they just don’t know how to “upsell” what is by all accounts a piece of junk.

The good news is that there’s an easy way to be honest about your car’s “junkiness” and make it appealing at the same time.

Simply call it a “project car” that will be a fun investment for the right owner.

What being honest about a junk car does is give a prospective buyer time to talk himself into thinking that buying your car is a good idea. If there’s a list of what needs to be done, the buyer can research how to do those things and how much it will cost, and see if the investment is worth it.

Tips for Selling your “Project Car”

1. Be open and honest about your car. List the flaws in your ad. Having a tidy list goes a long way and makes it easier for a buyer to google problems they’re unsure about.
2. Take lots of pictures. At a bare minimum, include photos of the front, both sides and rear. If the car has dents, rust and scratches, get pictures of those too. It might seem scary, but it can be repaired by the right person.
3. List the number of owners your car has had
4. List what’s been fixed and what needs to be fixed
5. List what type of engine is under the hood
6. Most importantly, prime the potential buyer to have realistic expectations of what the car will look like in person.

At the end of the day, a totally honest ad might make the idea of a “project build” sound fun!

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