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There are a ton of scrap yards and junkyards out there, and plenty of national junk car buyers, too. A lot of them are out to scam people, unfortunately; but, the savvy consumer can usually tell when a company is shady. That said, there are some other reputable companies out there, too.

Still, though, we’re confident that we’re the best junk car buyer in the United States, and we want to prove it to you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of reasons that Junk Car Traders is the best junk car buyer in the entire industry. Ready to get started? Here we go.

Here’s what Junk Car Traders has to offer


  • Cash payment. Other companies, especially local junkyards, will offer to “write you a check” for your vehicle. When someone tells you this, run the other way. Fast. We’ve heard one horror story after another about junkyards that will haul away a vehicle and leave the customer with a check. Then, when they go to cash it, guess what? It bounces. What a nightmare! Junk Car Traders always pays in cash, so you don’t have to worry about messing with a check.
  • We’re a national company. When looking for a junk car buyer in your area, you may find some companies that claim to operate as part of “national networks.” Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t. They don’t have the reputation that they pretend to, and in the end, it’s the customer that suffers. Junk Car Traders works all around the country, ensuring that our customers receive excellent customer service no matter where they’re located. We work from coast to coast, from Washington to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between. 
  • Our customer service is top notch. Unfortunately, the junk car world is full of scammers. It’s sad, but it’s true. That said, there are plenty of companies that aren’t out to scam anyone, per se, but who offer absolutely abysmal customer service. They don’t return phone calls, they don’t show up when they say they’re going to, they don’t pay on time, and they try to tack on last minute, hidden fees. Well, Junk Car Traders is different. We offer the best customer service in the junk car industry, hands down. If you’re skeptical, just check out our five star reviews: our customers absolutely love us.
  • We pay the most for junk cars. How are we able to pay more than our competitors for old, beat up, broken down, rusted out junk cars? It’s simple: as a national company, we work with a nationwide network of scrap metal dealers and auto parts buyers. That means that no matter where you are, we have buyers ready to purchase every component of your vehicle. A smaller company or individual junkyard might not have much use for your car. To us, though, it’s a goldmine: and that’s why we always pay our customers top dollar for their vehicles.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. At Junk Car Traders, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your experience. If you’re not, we’ll make it right.


Ready to get cash for your junk car? Junk Car Traders is here to help!

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