How much is my junk car worth?

Do you have an old, rusty, broken down, beat up, inoperable junk car sitting in your yard? Maybe it’s on the street in front of your house, or collecting dust inside your garage. Whatever the situation may be, if you’ve got a junk car, there’s no reason to hold onto it. You can get some serious cash for it.

We know, we know: it’s hard to believe. After all, why would anyone want to buy an old rusty vehicle like the one you’ve got?

The truth is that a lot of people aren’t interested in a car that’s in such bad condition. If you try to sell your old junk car online, you’ll likely find that there isn’t a buyer for it. Most private buyers who browse classified sites are looking for a reliable car: they want something that’ll get them to and from work, and that they won’t have to sink a ton of money into restoring and fixing up. Meanwhile, your vehicle won’t even start. And, if it did, it wouldn’t be safe to drive.

Don’t fret, though: you can still get cash for your junk car. How? By working with Junk Car Traders. We pay cash for junk cars on a daily basis.  We want to make this process as easy as possible. In Alabama just give us a call, we will give you a great quote, and can tow your car from anywhere. If you’re wondering why we’re interested in junk cars, you’ll find out below.

Pricing out your junk car

When you’ve got a junk vehicle, you can’t rely on something like the Kelley Blue Book to arrive at a value. The problem is this: the worst condition that you can select when using the Kelley Blue Book is “poor.” However, a lot of junk cars are in much worse condition than that. So, trying to determine your junker’s value using the Blue Book isn’t usually possible.

However, junk car buyers like Junk Car Traders have their own means of determining your vehicle’s worth.

The value of spare parts

While your car may look like a wreck and refuse to start, that doesn’t mean the entire thing is a total hunk of junk. There may still be valuable, running parts inside. If any of your vehicle’s parts are still functional (or nearly so), they can be cleaned up, restored, and sold as used parts. The value of these used parts can add up quickly: before you know it, what’s under the hood could be worth hundreds of dollars.

Scrap metal value

Junk Car Traders also looks at your car’s scrap metal value. As an auto recycling company, we’re largely concerned with how much scrap we can get out of your vehicle. This is based on your car’s size and weight. When you call us, we’ll use our database to determine the scrap value of your vehicle, which will help us quote you a price.

Contact us to get a quote

If you’re wondering what your vehicle’s worth, all it takes is a five minute phone call to Junk Car Traders to find out. We’ll gather a little information about you car, and we’ll quote you a price for it within minutes. To find out more, visit our website at

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