How recycling your junk car helps the environment

If you’ve got a junk car and you’ve finally decided to get rid of it, congratulations! Dealing with an old junker is stressful. For starters, it takes up valuable space in your garage. Every time you look at it, you’re reminded of the fact that there’s a huge item on your to do list that’s hanging over your head. The sooner you’ve dealt with that junk car, the happier you’ll be.

The question, though, is what you ought to do with it now that you’ve finally decided to part ways with it. You could try selling it to a private buyer, but that’s not the best idea. Most private party buyers aren’t interested in old, beat vehicles like that one you have. Alternatively, you could go with a scrap yard, junkyard, or a reputable junk car buyer in your area. If you work with the right clunker buyer, you’ll end up with a good amount of cash, and you’ll be diverting your vehicle from the landfill.

In fact, selling your junker to the right junk car buyer is good for the environment. How does recycling your old vehicle make the planet a little greener? Read on to learn more.

Recycling your junk car protects wildlife

There’s a serious need for steel in a variety of industries. Look around you anywhere you go: there’s steel everywhere. As a raw material, steel can come from two sources: mining on the one hand, and recycled scrap metal on the other.

When you recycle your junk car, the majority of it is reduced to scrap metal, mostly in the form of steel. This metal is then smelted and made available as a raw material for manufacturing purposes. When the component materials for steel are mined, the mining process can result in runoff that contaminates waterways and has a negative impact on wildlife. So, by recycling your junker, you’re effectively reducing the impact that mining has on wildlife habitat.

Scrapping your clunker cuts down on waste at the landfill

If you’ve never been to your local landfill, it’s worth taking the trip. If nothing else, it’s likely that it’ll convince you of the importance of recycling. When you go to the landfill, you see all sorts of things that could have been recycled, but weren’t: plastic, glass, aluminum, and–yes–even scrap metal.

By selling your car to an auto recycler, you’re diverting all of that scrap metal from the landfill. That means less waste, and a cleaner, greener environment.

Turning your junker into scrap saves energy and cuts CO2 emissions

Mining and refining the composite materials involved in the steel smelting process consumes a ton of energy. This complex series of processes is powered by fossil fuels, which emit significant amounts of C02. By recycling your clunker, you’re reducing the need for this energy-intensive process.

Ready to sell your clunker to an auto recycler? Contact Junk Car Traders today.  In Tennessee, not only will we recycle your car but we will also provide you with a great quote and free towing. 


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