Should I Fix, Sell or Junk My Car?

You’re at a crossroads. Should you fix your old car, sell it, or junk it? 

Some vehicles aren’t completely broken down and seem to have a little life left in them. Should you drive your car until it’s completely dead or try to make a move before it leaves you stranded on the side of the road?

By asking yourself the following questions, you can make the best financial decision while ensuring your safety on the roads.  

    •  Is this thing even safe to drive?

Your car might be getting you from point A to B, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should continue driving it. Do your brake lines, airbags, and tires work as they should?  On average, a car’s lifespan lasts only 12 years. Salt, bad weather, and plain old age can eat away your body’s undercarriage. A corroded frame can expose fuel lines and other parts that are meant to be protected, which could lead to disaster. 

    • How much will continuing to use and repair your car cost you? 

If you break out the calculator and do some simple math, you might be shocked at how much money you’re sinking into your car. Try this: Write down and add up all maintenance costs you’ve had within the last year. Then factor in any repairs you expect you will need soon. The total number will give you a realistic idea of whether you are putting too much into your vehicle.

    • Can’t I just sell my car?  

If you feel your car might be worth something, you’ve likely thought about trying to sell it.  

How much can you actually get for selling your car? Some old cars, even those that don’t run, can be worth something. For example, if your car is considered a classic, is relatively new, or is still under warranty, you might well find an interested buyer.  Use a guide such as Kelly Blue Book to find your car’s market value.  

If your car is on life support, finding a buyer through an avenue such as eBay or Craigslist, might be more of a headache than it’s worth.

    • What happens if I junk my car?

If you have decided to junk your car, it will be taken into a salvage or junk yard. Once it arrives at the yard, your old automobile will be depolluted and it will be disassembled by parts. The useful parts are then sold to a buying customer, and the remaining parts – or those are already deemed useless – are then recycled. For further details on how you can junk your car, call us now at 855-959-1325.

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