Signs of blown car speakers

You’re proud of your car speakers. They’ve provided you and everybody within earshot with the hottest tunes, talk radio that really made you think and sports events that had you cheering while on the road. However, they’re not performing up to the level that they used to. Well, you don’t believe they are, but you’re not completely sure. Fortunately, these signs of blown car speakers should help you figure out if you have blown speakers or if it’s something else that’s causing those issues.

Sounds your speakers shouldn’t be making

Other than if no sound whatsoever is coming from one or more of your car speakers, the clearest signs of blown car speakers are popping or rattling. Popping generally means that there’s a loose connection or break in the circuit, which is causing a surge of current to attempt to go through that poor or nonexistent connection. But if you ease up on the bass, you might be able to keep your car speakers from transitioning from partially blown to completely blown. However, a rattling sound generally means that they’re completely blown unless it’s due to a cause not directly related to the connection such as a loose screw or something like that. Static, hissing, ringing and distortion are other possible audible signs of a blown speaker.

The easiest way to tell if one speaker is blown but the rest are okay is to, if you have the ability to do so, turn off all of the speakers except for one and go through them one by one. If that’s not possible, you can get up close to each speaker and see if you can tell that way. If doing that doesn’t do the trick either, try listening to a song that you know well and see if it sounds different coming through your car speakers like it is incomplete, missing some of its sounds.

Car speakers provide no vibration

We all know about those car speakers that provide so much vibration that it seems like everybody within blocks can feel it. However, even if yours are not quite that powerful, they should still vibrate some since that’s how they create sound. If you touch the speakers and don’t feel any vibration, that usually means that no power is being sent to the cone. However, do keep in mind that your car speakers could still be blown even if you do feel a vibration.

What to do with your blown car speakers

If these signs of blown car speakers have resulted in you discovering that yours are in fact blown, allow us to pass on our sympathies. Most likely, the best thing that you can do is replace them, but don’t hesitate to get an estimate on fixing them instead, especially since it is possible that it could just be a simple connection fix. However, more times than not, it will make more financial sense to simply get them replaced. Of course, if you know what you’re doing and don’t mind spending the time, fixing them yourself could be a viable option, especially if the damage is minor.

Regardless of what caused your speakers to blow, do your best to determine what the cause was so that this act doesn’t get repeated. Speaking with a professional should be considered if you’re unsure what the cause was.

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