Six Things You Need To Know Before Selling Your Junk Car For Cash

When trying to sell your junk car, it’s easy to get pulled into scams or get offers from unreliable buyers. As the most honest junk car traders on the internet, we have six important tips for selling your junk car for the best cash price.

  1. Do not sign over the car’s title until you have cash in hand. If a buyer says they will return with the money or mail you a check – walk away! It is better to be safe than get your money than sign over your title and get scammed.
  2. Make sure the buyer honors the original quote you got on the phone. Some buyers may try to offer you less money when they show up to tow the car. Don’t be intimidated by their tough talk. Walk away and find someone honest who will honor the price they promised.
  3. Make sure you sign a release of liability. The liability form is attached to your title and can be torn off and mailed to your DMV. This protects you from anything that happens to the car after sale that might cause you to be sued and end up in a huge mess!
  4. Towing should be free. Reputable junk car buyers should almost offer free towing. If a buyer suddenly has a tow in charge that was not mentioned on the phone when he shows up, walk away!
  5. Do not accept any offers that include vouchers or free trips as a bonus. These vouchers come with complicated conditions and not worth for the paper they are written on. Honest buyers show up with the full cash price, and not vouchers.
  6. Watch out for money order scams. Never take a check or money order for more than the agreed price, and give the buyer back cash. Anyone asking you to hand over cash as part of the deal is ripping you off. 

At Junk Car Traders, we guarantee a smooth, easy experience with no pressure. Request a quote from our website at and you’ll be on your way to getting a high cash offer for your junk car from a company that you can trust. 

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