Tips for Getting the Most for Your Junk Car

When you first think about selling your junk car, it may not seem like a worthwhile idea. Will you really get any significant amount of cash for it? Won’t it be difficult? Isn’t the market full of scammers? Well we are here to tell you that it IS worth it! You will get a significant amount of cash if you know how to prepare your vehicle and who to talk to.

Don’t Bother Doing Any Repairs

It’s not worth the time or expense to bother doing any repairs to your junk car. Junk car buyers are buying based on the value of the scrap metal or engine parts, not how well the car runs. Repairs can eat into your bottom line and almost never pay off when it comes time to sell. If your car is in driving condition, and you’re considering selling it on Craigslist, rather than as a junk car, the repairs may be worth doing. But make sure to calculate the cost of your repairs into the price you sell for. Otherwise you’re just bleeding money.

Keep Track of Scrap Metal Prices

Since most junk car buyers base their prices off the going price of scrap metal, it can be wise to monitor the scrap metal market for a few weeks before selling. Use an app like iScrap to keep track of the ups and downs and sell when the prices for steel are highest. The market is very volatile and prices change often, so if you have the time, you’re best off waiting for a good day, rather than just selling to get rid of the car. 


Time of year, demand, your location, and more all affect the market. 


Bigger cars will get more, no matter the price of scrap metal, because they have more steel to begin with. 

Never Take the First Offer

Get more than one quote! There are countless junk car buyers — whether it be a professional service, like us, your local junkyard, or a private buyer. You want to figure out your best options before making a choice. So call around to a few places, make notes on who offers free towing vs requires you to drop off the car or who offers a voucher (no good!) vs what companies off full cash. Each company will have slightly different offers, so you want to shop around to find the best possible deal.


If you take these tips, we guarantee you’ll get a better deal than if you’d just gone in blind. We want you to get the most out of your car as possible and to leave happy! So please call us today to talk to one of our professional customer representatives. They will be happy to talk you through our offers and work out a great deal for you.

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