What you need to do to avoid junk yard scams

The odds are that you’ve never had a junk car and, as a result, are about to contact a junk yard for the first time. You might be hesitant to do so thanks to being unsure about the process and also wanting to make sure that you’re provided with a fair value for your vehicle and that you won’t be ripped off. Fortunately, plenty of reputable people do work in this business, but you need to watch out for those who aren’t, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Shop around to weed out scams

One of the best ways to weed out scammers is by shopping around. Get at least three quotes so that anyone trying to scam you will be much more apt to stand out. Scammers love it when people looking to offload their junk cars contact them first and don’t bother to compare that offer with others.

Scammers are often not licensed

Make sure that the place you’re considering is legitimate and is properly licensed to purchase and take care of your junk car. Those that aren’t licensed are going to be much more apt to also operate unethically in other ways.

Demand clarity when speaking with junk yards

Demand that those you speak with at junk yards are clear when discussing specifics and what will occur as far as how your car will be picked up, how much you will receive for it and so on. If they’re not making much sense, especially if they’re doubling that with talking fast, they may be attempting to confuse you so that they can offer you less for your car than it’s worth.

Offering nothing for your junk car is a red flag

If, after you accurately describe your junk car, you’re offered nothing but they add that they’ll go ahead and take it off your hands as a favor, immediately move on and contact other junk yards. Even if your vehicle appears to have no value to you, it does, at least as scrap metal.

Avoid coupons; just ask for a check

Be wary and, in almost all cases, turn down any offers of coupons in lieu of a greater amount in check form. Any of these other incentives are generally not worth it due to restrictions or other fine print. After all, there’s a reason that the junk yard is offering coupons as there must be a value to them to offer you this type of reimbursement in lieu of money or accompanying a smaller amount of it.

Be prepared for a bait-and-switch attempt

Don’t relax once you’ve shopped around and received what sounds like a great offer and agreed to it. Sometimes, junk yards will pull a bait-and-switch routine and, once the tow truck arrives to pick up your junk car or you are ready to drop it off at the yard, they tell you that it’s not actually worth what they said for this or that reason and offer you a smaller amount as a result. They’re relying on you, at that point, just wanting to get rid of your junk car and willing to accept this smaller offer. Don’t. Refuse to accept anything lower than what had originally been agreed upon and be ready to refuse to release your car.

Don’t pay for the towing of your junk car

Another way to avoid junk yard scams is to refuse to pay for the towing of your car. Although the offered rate should include towing, feel free to confirm this prior to getting it picked up for your own peace of mind.

Ensure that all paperwork has been taken care of

Do make sure that every piece of paperwork is completed because, if the title or registration of your car has not been taken care of, you may be liable for what occurs in relation to it afterwards. After receiving your junk car, some unethical yards will then charge you for storing the car that you thought you sold.

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