Winter is Coming! Plan Ahead to Make Sure Your Junk Car is Ready

While it may seem that the snow and ice season is far off, winterizing your car can take time and money. Planning ahead can ensure your car is prepared for any winter storm or winter driving hazards.

Tips for Winterizing Your Car

1. Check your Tire Tread. When getting your car ready for winter, inspect your tires for tread wear and rotate them every time you get your oil changed. To check your tire’s tread, use the “Penny Test”.

2.Check your Tire Pressure. Low tire air pressure can be dangerous on snowy and icy roads. You can easily check your tire pressure yourself at a free tire air pump found at gas stations or car repair shops.

3.Consider Snow Tires. While snow tires are an investment, they can make a huge difference in allowing you to drive safely on snowy and slippery roads. Keep in mind that snow tires lower your miles per gallon, so only put them on when the weather gets harsh.

4.Change your Oil and Antifreeze. Regular car maintenance is critical to preventing issues during wintery weather.

5.Check your Heater. It’s bad enough when you don’t have heat during short drives, but imagine how bad it would be if you were trapped in your car for a significant amount of time. Having a working heater during the winter provides daily comfort and can prevent a catastrophic event.

6.Check your Battery. Your car’s battery capacity decreases in freezing temperatures. Bring your car to a professional to check it’s fluid and cables.

Taking the above steps can ensure that you are comfortable and safe during those wintery months to come!

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