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Is there a junk car in your life that you don’t have time or money to repair? Maybe a relative left you their stash of cars that they didn’t have time or money to fix either. However the junk car came into your possession, you’re probably wondering what to do with it. You may have been told that your best option is to pay a tow truck to tow it away. Before you do that, did you know that right here in Carson, CA,  you can have the car removed at no charge to you, and get paid in cash for it, too? Who in their right mind would offer to do that? Junk Car Traders does. We will offer to buy your car no matter what it is or what is wrong with it. Damage, age, or just wear and tear, we want it. Junk Car Traders gives the highest amounts of cash for junky cars in Carson, CA.

We serve all of Carson

Whether you’re located inside city limits or in a nearby area like Cota, Lomita, or Gardena, our tow truck drivers will meet you wherever you’re at. Pickup will be arranged around your schedule. What a great way to get extra cash than to sell something that’s in your way anyways? Why would Junk Car Traders waste money buying something that doesn’t start? The parts and metal that the car still has in it is still worth money. We’re up to date with the market values on parts that are recycled and refurbished, so we give you the best rates. Instead of wasting time parting your car out piece by piece, you could sell it to us all at one time.

Selling your junky car is easy

Selling your car to private parties is a hassle and takes forever. Junk Car Traders is here to make it easy on you. We will give cash for your car in Carson right now.

There are only a few steps:

Have a copy of your vehicle’s registration and title. If you don’t have one, get it from your local DMV.

  1. Call Junk Car Traders and tell them about your car – model, make, year and condition
  2. Agree to our estimate, and arrange the towing of your car
  3. Be present when the tow truck driver comes to remove your car. Sign over the car, and take possession of your cash.

That’s it. No hoops to jump through, playing phone tag, or price comparisons. We want you to have the cash your car is worth. We’ll evaluate your whole car and depending on the weight of scrap metal, and parts, you could have hundreds or thousands in cash for your junky car. Call us right away at 833-418-1745 and start the process!

If your junk car is for sell, call us in Carson

If you have tried to sell your junk car in Carson, there is a real good chance that you have encountered junk car dealers who were dishonest and less than appealing. Well, we can tell you that you need to just add your story to the many that we have heard about the scams and shams of dealing with junk yards in the area. In case you haven’t heard of us, we are Junk Car Traders, and we do things differently because we are different. 

Unlike other junkyards that discount your car’s value substantially when it is old, rusty, damaged or not running, we don’t care what condition your car happens to be in. Now, if you want to settle for one of their offers, we can guarantee you that you will be getting the short end of the stick. You will not get paid as much as you would if you were to sell your car to Junk Car Traders in 833-418-1745. Some may think that you just have a junk car that is of little use except for a part here or there, but that is simply not true. They are not the experts in the industry; we are! So, give Junk Car Traders a call at 833-418-1745 and find out how easy and fast you can get a quote over the phone about what your junk car is really worth. We have some serious cash to pay you. 

Selling your junk car for cash in Carson is simple

When you need to get cash really fast, and you have a junk car that you are ready to sell, then you can just relax because Junk Car Traders has your back and the bucks you need in a crucial time. After a car is no longer reliable and would costs more to repair it than it would ever be worth, then selling it is the right decision. But, you also need to get you another vehicle, and some extra cash will make that easier to do. We don’t care where you live in the area. If you are in the Carson area, then we will gladly buy your vehicle and pay you in cash rather than a check payment which could delay your funds. At Junk Car Traders, we also tow your vehicle for free without sliding it out of what we promise to pay you or including hidden fees. 

It is time to sell your junk car today

Sometimes when you hear good news, you might be hesitant and think that it’s not true as in the case that you can receive some serious cash for your junk car. You really can! Junk Car Traders keeps the process simple and give you a guaranteed quote for your junk car right over the phone. You may think that if you wait a while, your vehicle is going to increase in some kind of value, but that is not the case. Waiting may mean that you receive less than you could if you make the move to sell your junk car today. If you need to access cash today, call 833-418-1745 and speak with a customer representative at Junk Car Traders so you can get the maximum cash that you can get for your junk car in Carson and receive cash in your hand today! Go get that cash from your Junk Car and visit the unbelievable Aquarium Of The Pacific.

How to sign a junk car title inCarson, California

Our agents will walk you through how to properly sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


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Claude Edward Grooms

The service was promt and the driver was courteous and professional, I would use it again.

Jennifer Martinez

when the dealership i bought my new car from wouldn't take my old car for a trade in, I knew it was in bad shape. i knew she wasn't worthless! Junk Car Traders offered me $400 and picked her up the next day. everything was very fast! was extremely happy about that. great service from them and the towing company! excellent people to do business with.

Chris Brown

Made entire transaction very easy.

Melissa Smith

You really do not pay enough for the cars that you can take.

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