We’ll buy your clunker in Kent

People all over Washington state make the same mistake: they think getting rid of their beat-up, old clunker is a hassle. You may be in this boat. You’re afraid of getting scammed or don’t want to be bothered with long forms. You know private buyers aren’t going to want to touch your car because it needs too much work. Now you’re used to it taking up space on your property or in your garage and have given up trying to get rid of it.

Enter Junk Car Traders. We’re here to save the day! We’re junk car experts, and we can haul away that clunker quicker than you can push it to the curb. We’re honest, reliable, and have an easy process to get you cash for your car. All you need to do is call 833-418-1745 to get started!

Trade your junk car for cash in Kent, WA

Kent is a great place to live, but let’s be honest: there are some questionable junkyards around. So many of them offer fake estimates over the phone that sound too good to be true, and once you show up, you learn the truth: they offer you less cash on the spot. Some even have you pay to get the car to their yard yourself, so you’re out of even more cash.

That won’t happen with Junk Car Traders. Our friendly and knowledgeable car appraisers answer all your questions and help you get that clunker out of your life once and for all. We offer top dollar, and what we quote is what we give you in cold hard cash!

Best of all, we’ll come to you anywhere in Kent and tow that car away for free. No shelling out some of that dough you deserve for your vehicle!

Why use Junk Car Traders in Kent?

You may not have heard of us before, and that’s okay. Let us introduce ourselves! We’re a junk car buying and recycling company that’s operated around the country for many years. We know the junk car market in Kent, WA, and make customized, individual quotes for cars in your area.

Because we recycle cars, we don’t care what condition they’re in. They don’t even have to be running! When you call, we’ll ask you to tell us the make, model, year, and current condition of your car. Based on those details, we’ll give you a quote for the weight and working parts in your car. You’ll see that no one else in the Kent area will offer prices like ours!

A 10-minute phone call could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars of cash in your pocket and that junk car out of your life forever.

We guarantee you’ll be happy with our service, so give us a call at 833-418-1745 today!

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