We’ll pay you cash quickly for your junker car

Wondering what the best thing to do about your junk car is? Sell it, pay to tow it to a junk yard, or some other alternative? How about free towing and cash on the spot? Junk Car Traders will do that. We give the highest cash payouts for junky cars, and remove them at no charge to our customers. In most cases, we can even remove the car on the same day as you call. Think that your car is too damaged or rusty for us to want to buy it? No such thing. The condition of the car doesn’t matter to us much, we’ll give you a handsome amount of cash regardless of its shape.

What makes us so generous? We are after the weight of your car in scrap metal, so we just want whatever we can recycle.

Our team of experts will give you an estimate on the phone when you call us. We just need some basic details about your car. Contact us today at 833-418-1745 and learn how much money you could get for the junk car you own in Maple Valley!

Selling your junk car has been made easy and fast

Selling a car that’s less than perfect uses up a lot of time and effort, so Junk Car Traders wants to make it easy.  Call 833-418-1745 and give us some information about your car. A title and registration will serve as proof of ownership. No title? We’ll help you find other documentation that will serve as proof. Our team of experts is experienced in helping customers with problems just like that and will help you through the whole process.

When you sign the car over to us, we will remove the car at no charge to you and you’ll get your cash right away. We don’t hassle or trick, just pay the cash we quote you on the phone.

Why is Junk Car Traders your best option?

Our reputation as a nationwide reliable junk car buyer and auto recycler can’t be topped. These are some facts we want you to know:

  • We’ll buy cars in all conditions
  • We pay the highest amounts of money possible
  • You’ll never face hidden charges
  • We never charge for towing
  • Your estimate is based on details about your car
  • We buy cars even without titles

We give cash on the spot for junkers

Your car will fetch the highest amounts of money in Maple Valley from us because we want the scrap metal it contains and any working components. Thousands of dollars in cash could be yours in less than 24 hours after you call us.

You’ll only waste time with individuals and junkyards. We’re sure to pay you cash immediately and you’ll be shocked by how fast and efficient we are. Call 833-418-1745 today and we’ll tell you how much we can pay you!

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