Get the most cash for your junk car

Have you got an unreliable junk car on your hands that won’t stop giving you trouble? It’s been sitting in your driveway for weeks and weeks. It refuses to start, and it’s causing you no end of stress. Don’t blow your savings trying to fix it up: just sell it to Junk Car Traders!

As a national company, Junk Car Traders has an excellent reputation of providing our customers with top notch service. If you call other junk yards in the Peoria area, you’ll find that none of them come close to competing with your prices! Plus, we offer free towing services for our customers.

What makes Junk Car Traders #1?

  • We pay max cash for junk cars
  • Our prices are updated each day based on the price of scrap metal
  • Towing services are complimentary
  • When we pick up your car, you’ll get your cash

Plus, we offer better customer service than anyone else in the world of junk cars. When you call us, you’ll get a lightning fast quote for your junk car. We’re able to pay more than other companies because we’re an auto recycler: we’re only worried about your car’s scrap value, not its cosmetic shape. And, if you’ve got a vehicle that’s in great condition, we may be able to pay you up to $12,000 for it! To learn more, call us at 833-418-1745.

Towing is free

When you get quotes from local scrap yards, they may neglect to mention something important: more often than not, they charge you for towing! What a joke. Well, Junk Car Traders doesn’t do that. When we quote you a price over the phone, the price you hear is the price we’ll pay you. Towing is free, and we never tack on extra fees at the last second.

Are you in Ayerville or El Vista? Wherever you’re located in the Peoria area, we’ll tow your vehicle away today and give you cash!

Sell your junk car right now

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call us at 833-418-1745
  2. Receive a top dollar offer
  3. Set up a time for us to retrieve your junk car
  4. Sign the title over and get your cash

See how easy it is? Within a day’s time, you’ll have cash in your pocket!

Minimal paperwork

To sell your junk car, all you need are:

  • A driver’s license or valid state ID
  • The title for your car

That’s all it takes!

Ready to get major cash for your clunker? Call us now at 833-418-1745!

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