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Chevrolet Suburban
Year: 2008Offer Price: $1,400
Honda Accord Sedan
Year: 2005Offer Price: $300
Mercedes-Benz C Sedan
Year: 2012Offer Price: $1,433
Toyota Prius
Year: 2009Offer Price: $696
Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab (4 doors)
Year: 2002Offer Price: $750
Kia Soul
Year: 2013Offer Price: $1,000

Colorado, sell your junk car fast

Is your car prone to constant breakdowns? Do you have a stack of repair bills that you can’t keep up with? Maybe your car’s been totaled in an accident, or it needs a new head gasket. Here’s the thing: at some point, it’s better to just sell your old clunker rather than continuing to pour money into it. Fortunately, Junk Car Traders is happy to buy your vehicle no matter what condition it’s in. We’ll pay cash on the spot: hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As a junk car recycler, we’re able to pay top dollar regardless of what shape your vehicle is in. Call us today to learn more: 855-959-1325.

We’ll buy any junk car in Colorado

Are you in southern Colorado? Maybe you’re further north around Fort Collins, Denver, or Boulder? No matter what part of the state you’re in, Junk Car Traders is prepared to pay cash for your junk car. Best of all, we’ll haul your vehicle away at no charge! When one of our tow truck drivers arrives, they’ll pay you cash for your clunker on the spot. We work nationwide buying junk cars just like yours: call us today at 855-959-1325.

Frequently asked junk car questions in Colorado

How much is my clunker worth? When you call us, we’ll ask you a few simple questions. From there, we’ll give you a quote for your vehicle right away. Your car could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars! How long does the process take? If you have your title and registration ready, we can haul away your junk car and put cash in your hand within 24 hours! If you don’t have your title, just call the Colorado DMV and ask for a duplicate. It’s time to cash in your junk car! Now’s your chance! Call Junk Car Traders today at 855-959-1325!


Ready to sell your junk car in Colorado?

Keeping a junk car is never easy. The fact of the matter is no matter what you do, your efforts will never be enough to restore your old automobile into a good working condition. One part may get fixed, but then another part breaks down. This is the painful truth, and we at Junk Car Traders can offer you the freedom from the burden of that old clunker that’s been hurting your wallet. What’s more, we can also give you cash!

We are proud to say that there’s no better junk car buyer than Junk Car Traders. Call us now at 855-959-1325, and we’ll provide you with an honest quote for your car. We offer instant cash - when we tow your vehicle, you’ll get the money right away! Sounds too good to be true? Call Junk Car Traders now to know that it isn’t so.

Steps to follow in selling your junk car in Colorado

Most scrap yards can be a total nightmare! You may or may have not experienced their services, but the truth is they are just after your car’s parts to sell them for their own profit. Worse, they will buy your old automobile at a cheap price. Luckily, we at Junk Car Traders will do the opposite. We have the best customer service in the area, and we assure you that you will get your car’s worth in full cash!

Ready to sell your junk car to Junk Car Traders? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325. We will be asking you for some information about your old vehicle.
  2. Once we get the necessary info, we will then give you a price quote for your auto. The quote is guaranteed to be fair.
  3. Upon reaching an agreement with the quote, we will then decide on the most appropriate time to tow your junk car.
  4. After the tow, you get the cash.

So it’s that easy! Working with Junk Car Traders will be a unique experience for you. We pay more than any other junk yard companies out there, and on top of that, we offer free towing service. Junk Car Traders here in Colorado is certainly the best choice for you!

Get your instant money now! Call Junk Car Traders today at 855-959-1325 and sell your junk car the best and easiest way!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

A tax donation is called an “in kind” donation. For non-cash donation, the Internal Revenue Service has specific rules. You will need documents proving the cars true value. If you do not itemize your taxes, you may not be able to obtain a deduction. You can consult with an accountant to learn more about the specifics of obtaining a tax deduction.

At Junk Car Traders we understand that a burned car can be difficult to sell. However, there is still a lot of value in a scorched car. There is still value in the metal, window, and tires. Just give us a call today and our experts will be able to give you a great quote over the phone.

No, we do not need a full description. Just tell us the biggest or most significant issue with your clunker. Be honest as you can about what you think are your car's defects. We will be able to provide a more suitable price for your clunker, given we are also provided with a more accurate description of your car's issues or defects.

A clunker's worth or value actuall falls between a couple hundred and thousands of dollars. The exact amount, however, will be tailored to your junk car's current features, such as its size and condition. Call us today and provide us with some info about your clunker, and then you'll know exactly how much it's worth in a matter of minutes!

When you have signed over the title to us, you will get your payment in a form of a check there and then. To sell your clunker, you need to have your registration and title. If you don't have them, we can help you in acquiring fresh copies of these documents.

You can sell your junk car without the registration if that is easier for you. The most important paperwork that you will need is the title. All you need to do is let us know that you are missing the registration when you call to get your free quote. Call us today to get your top dollar quote and to get the selling process started.

Insurance companies will often allow the insured to keep a totaled vehicle once the claim has been paid but they stipulate that the a replacement title must be done that identifies the vehicle as a salvage. We can accept that title and pay you top dollar for your junk car that was wrecked. In the case that insurance was not involved then we can still purchase the vehicle for a nominal amount of cash.

You may decide that you want to check around with junkyards and online buyers in order to compare offers for your junk car. Even though most businesses have a good reputation and treat customers right there are some that have some shady practices that you need to be aware of. When it comes to your payment you need to to be sure that the tow truck operator does not try to get you to accept less than what you were told you would be paid nor more than what you were told that you were to be paid so that the difference can be given to the tower. To protect yourself be sure that you complete the proper form to release you of any liability after the final sale has been completed. Call us if you have any questions.

We provide free towing no matter where the vehicle is located. We handle the scheduling process for the tow operator to come to meet you to pick up the car and to give you your check. You can be sure that we have done everything possible to get you as much money as we could.

It can be difficult to sell a wrecked car. The first thing to do is work with your insurance provider to make sure you can keep the car in its current state. You can then update the title to note that it is a salvage vehicle. Give us a call to get a top dollar quote for your wrecked vehicle or to learn more about the necessary steps for selling it.

We do not sell car parts. We only purchase the whole car. We buy cars to be recycled and repurposed. Then we sell to other companies. We are an in between buyer. Our main focus is determining the state of the car and the value.

Yes we are happy to buy a burnt car, Cars that have sustained damage can still get a great quote. This is because we can sell the car for scrap metal. In these cases the heavier the car the better because the more scrap metal there is. Call us today to get this process started.

Yes we will be able to pick up your car or truck. No matter what we promise free towing. This means that no matter where your car is or what condition it is in we will tow it. Call us today to set up a time for us to come and pick up your junk car.

When you sell your car to us you do not have to do any maintenance on it beforehand. You can leave draining the toxic fluids from your vehicle to us. When the tow truck driver comes to tow your vehicle he will make sure that it is safe to tow away. Then he will hand you your payment and drive off.

We love to buy cars that do not run. Many of our car buying associates like to buy cars in bad condition to repurpose or use for parts. We can pick up your car for free no matter what condition it is in. Give us a call to earn top dollar today.

Vouchers are like coupons that let you exchange them for participating products and services from vendors such as restaurants and travel agents. You will not receive actual cash and there is no guarantee that your voucher will be honored or valid or usable. Cash is your best option because it allows you to use the amount how you feel and wherever you choose unlike vouchers which are for specific vendors.

There are no penalties to change your mind. We do everything we can to get your as much money as possible and to ensure your satisfaction with every part of the process. However if for some reason you get cold feet or just are not ready to depart of your vehicle then we will respect and understand. Just call and let us know before you have signed your title and handed it over because once you do that there is nothing else that we can do.

Not only do we offer free towing but we also make the appropriate and convenient arrangements to have your vehicle picked up. We will dispatch the tow truck operator to your house or wherever it may be. Perhaps you had to drop it off for repairs but your mechanic said it is not worth investing as much as it will cost to pick up or it might have died on the side of the highway while you were driving. Regardless to the circumstances free towing is a perk that our customers appreciate.

We know that junk cars often break down in different ways when they have been on the road for years. Often times the transmission is the first part of the car to break and can be the most expensive to fix. We are happy to buy a junk car with a broken transmission. Just make sure when you give us a call that you tell us your car is no longer running so we can send the correct tow truck out to you.

You will not need to provide a very long description of your junk car. When you call us we will ask you a series of questions. We mostly want to know about any major issues such as a scorched body or damaged engine. Go ahead and call us today to get your top dollar quote.

We make it easy to get rid of your old clunker. We will give you the best value around and pick it up free of charge. If you are considering donating your vehicle we can help you out and make that process as easy as possible as well. It is easier to claim a tax deductible on cash donations so we can help you forward the payment to a charity. Then you will know the charity you chose is getting the most money possible.

We are experienced with buying clunkers that have been issued a salvage title. A salvage title is required in most instances when a vehicle is being sold for parts and scrap metals. Feel free to give us a call today if you have questions about presenting a salvage title with the sale of your vehicle.

The fastest way to get your payment is to have your title and registration and valid identification ready to hand over to the tow operator when they come to pick up your vehicle. At that time is when you will receive your guaranteed check payment. Without proper documentation your payment can be delayed. Let us know when you call for your quote if you have your proper paperwork or if you need to get replacement copies. You should be able to get new copies at your local DMV.

Depending on the best uses that we find for your vehicle it could end up be disposed of any several different ways. We have premium buyers who may want to fix the vehicle up and resell it. Once the car is disassembled then any good parts are set aside to be resold or reused and if the bulk of the worth is in the metals then it is melted down. Regardless to the condition we will buy your vehicle and still pay you the most amount of money that we can.

Even though vehicles that have been damaged by fire can be more complicated to get rid of we still buy them. In a fire you get the flames and the smoke and water used to extinguish the fire and all of these can do significant damage. Any salvageable parts will be evaluated and scrap metal content based on the weight and size of the vehicle will all be included in the offer we give you. Contact us today so that we can get the process started.


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