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Are you stuck with a car that just keeps breaking down? Are you spending more of your time at the mechanic than you’d like to admit? Maybe you just keep putting cash into that old junk car, only to have it break down yet again. Eventually, you’ve got to acknowledge that it’s not worth continuing to spend money on a car that’s past its prime.

Of course, selling an old junk car is easier said than done in Cape Coral, FL. Maybe you put the car up for sale with an online classified website. Next thing you know, people are calling you nonstop with questions, but none of them actually show up at their appointment to see the car. And on top of that, you get one scam email after another trying to trick you into giving them your personal info so they can send you a bank transfer. Meanwhile, scrapyards in Cape Coral are a nightmare: they offer you next to nothing for your car.

At Junk Car Traders, we offer a better way forward. We’ll pay top dollar in cash for your junk car in Cape Coral. Best of all? We haul away your car at no additional cost. All you have to do is make a quick phone call to us, and we take care of everything within a day’s time.

We buy junk cars all across Cape Coral

Whether you’re in Bella Vida, Mariner, Pelican, or any other Cape Coral neighborhood, we’ll come pick up your car right away at no cost to you. We don’t care what kind of shape your vehicle’s in: we want it, no matter what. Even if you don’t have the title, we’ll work with you. Our mission is to offer you the most we possibly can for your junk car in Cape Coral, period.

As a reputable business that’s been in Cape Coral for years, we know how to treat our customers right. And we’ve bought some seriously beat up old cars! No matter what condition yours is in, we’ll give you cash for it right now. Call us to learn more: 855-959-1325.

Call today for a quote in Cape Coral

You know that selling a junk car in Cape Coral can be a real hassle, but we’ve made the process easy. All you have to do is call and answer a few simple questions. We’ll set up a time to come and pick up your junk car, and our tow truck driver will put cash in your hand on the spot!

Think of it: just a quick phone call and you’ll have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to show for it. Don’t wait: call Junk Car Traders today at 855-959-1325!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


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So easy!

Jim Coker

Everything went smooth, and exactly as promised. They did follow-up when others did not. Theresa was great to work with. The tow company was fast and efficient. I would recommend them.

Kathleen Wells

I am VERY PLEASED with the good service I received from Junk Car Traders. After my initial call to discover what papers I would need, I obtained those and called for an appointment. I was able to obtain an appointment almost immediately and was called and told they were on their way. Everything went smoothly. There were a few papers to sign and voila! The tow truck driver arrived a little later and immediately loaded up my old car and it was gone! It was QUICK, EFFICIENT and PROFESSIONAL! The whole process took only a small portion of the day.I am pleased.


Quick and easy , cash on the spot. Nice job Thanks guys

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