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Is your bank account slowly making its way down to zero thanks to car repairs? Are you tired of getting pages and pages of recommended repairs from your mechanic? These are signs that your car is on its way out. Every car ages, but at some point the problems and repairs really start to pile up. It’s time to make a choice: are you going to keep wasting money on that old clunker, or are you going to trade it in for cash today in St. Petersburg, FL? Are you going to drop thousands of dollars on a new engine, or cut bait while you still can? You’re at a point now where the car just isn’t worth putting any more money or time into. Now’s the time to call Junk Car Traders and let us help. We’ll pay you cash today for your car, regardless of how old or beat up it is. How do we manage to pay so much for a car in that kind of condition? Because we work in auto salvage, which means that we’re more concerned with your car’s scrap metal value than with its current condition. If your car’s made of metal, we want it!

We buy cars all over St. Petersburg

Just to reiterate: the condition of your car has no bearing on the fact that we’ll pay you major cash for it. Believe us, we’ve bought cars worse than yours. Old ones, wrecked ones…and, yes, even old, wrecked ones! If your car’s got flat tires or an engine that won’t turn over, we don’t care. We still want to buy your car in St. Petersburg. Junk Car Traders is the best in the business in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and other Florida areas. We work with an array of tow truck drivers and professionals to service neighborhoods all around St. Petersburg. Wondering if your area’s included? Just call us today to find out: 855-959-1325.

Stop wasting time and money: let us buy your junk car

If you’re considering trying to sell your car online, don’t bother. Here’s what’ll happen. You’ll create an ad online, take pictures, and the calls will start coming in. You’ll show it to a dozen people, and guess what? No one will want it, because it’s not in running condition. And if they do want it, they’ll offer you next to nothing. Instead of going down that rabbit hole, just let Junk Car Traders pay you top dollar for it today in St. Petersburg, FL. All we do is ask you a few easy questions, and then provide you with an amazing quote for your clunker. If you accept the quote, we set up a time to come pick up your car, haul it away, and put cash in your hands. And best of all? More often than not, we can pick it up the same day!


Let’s get started. Don’t wait: call us today at 855-959-1325!

How to sign a junk car title inSt. Petersburg, Florida

Our agents will walk you through how to properly sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


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Kathleen Wells

I am VERY PLEASED with the good service I received from Junk Car Traders. After my initial call to discover what papers I would need, I obtained those and called for an appointment. I was able to obtain an appointment almost immediately and was called and told they were on their way. Everything went smoothly. There were a few papers to sign and voila! The tow truck driver arrived a little later and immediately loaded up my old car and it was gone! It was QUICK, EFFICIENT and PROFESSIONAL! The whole process took only a small portion of the day.I am pleased.


Quick and easy , cash on the spot. Nice job Thanks guys

Anthony DeSalvatore

Minor scheduling issue, tow came three hours later thanntime agreeded upon, otherwise very smooth.

Dane Greening

Nice and easy

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