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Jeep Patriot
Year: 2008Offer Price: $625
Nissan Maxima
Year: 2009Offer Price: $1,226
Chevrolet Impala
Year: 2011Offer Price: $300
Jaguar XF
Year: 2013Offer Price: $3,900
Kia Sportage
Year: 2011Offer Price: $1,838
Chevrolet Avalanche
Year: 2006Offer Price: $1,240

Illinois, fast cash for your junk car

There are plenty of scrap yards who will make you an offer on your junk car here in Illinois. However, none of them can compete with Junk Car Traders. Why? For one thing, we offer the best customer in the industry: just check out our five star reviews! Additionally, we pay top dollar for junk cars: we’ll beat any other offer around. But best of all, we’ll haul away your junk car absolutely free of charge. You heard us correctly: we’ll tow your junk car at no cost to you, and pay you cash for it right then and there. We don’t care what kind of shape your junk car is in. Bad transmission? Blown head gasket? Rusted underneath? Whatever might be wrong with your junk car, we’re still happy to pay you top dollar for it. Just call us at 855-959-1325 to get started.

Buying junk cars across Illinois

Are you in the big city of Chicago? Or, are you located somewhere in rural Illinois? Whatever part of the state you’re located in, Junk Car Traders will tow your junk car for free and pay you cash on the spot. Just call us today to learn more: 855-959-1325.

Selling your junk car in Illinois is simple

Ready to sell your clunker? First, call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325 and answer a couple of questions about your vehicle. Be sure to have your registration and title available. We’ll quote you a price for your car right away, and schedule a time to tow it. Next thing you know, our tow truck driver will be loading up your old car and paying you cash for it! Ready to get cash for your clunker? Call Junk Car Traders now at 855-959-1325!


Earn The Right Cash for Junk Cars in Illinois

If you want to get rid of that junk car that’s been resting in your backyard for years and earn straight cash for it, then you need not look any further - Junk Car Traders is here to help! It is our company’s goal to provide our customers with as much cash as possible for their junk cars. We serve the Illinois area, among other states, and with our national footprint, we are able to pay more for clunkers than any other company in the business. Call us at 855-959-1325, and we can provide you with an instant quote for your old automobile. What’s more, you’ll have your cash in less than a day as well!

Get rid of that old car and get something better

Keeping a junk car can be quite exhausting and frustrating. You need to deal with the costs for repairs, and you’ll just end up wasting more money for it. Junk Car Traders guarantees that you get a fair price for your junk car, so you’ll get something better and you’ll never have to worry about losing money all over again for those unwanted repairs. It’s time that you buy yourself a nicer and dependable car!

Your call with us at 855-959-1325 is guaranteed to be brief, for our customer service is truly the best in the business. You will get the best offer for your junk car in just a few minutes. You will be surprised by just how much you’ll get with that old car of yours. Furthermore, our towing service is free everywhere in Illinois, so this way you’ll save more cash rather than lose some of it.

If you do not need the cash for your junk car, donate it

Want to trade that potential cash for a potential tax write off? Then donating your junk car is the key! You may not know how the whole donation stuff works, so feel free to call us at 855-959-1325 and we can get you the info you need. Our customer support team is always ready to answer your queries.

Sell that junk car now for quick cash! Call us now at 855-959-1325.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Cities in Illinois where we buy Junk Cars.

If you do not see your city below, call us anyway we service most of the United States with great junk car prices

Alton – get cash for your junk car

Trade your clunker for easy money There’s really no question: junk cars are a big pain. The problem, though, is finding someone who actually wants to buy your old clunker. It’d be great to be rid of it once and for all, but who can you sell it to? We’v …

Arlington Heights – fast cash for your junker

Get paid for your junk car If you’ve been putting off the process of selling your junk car in Arlington Heights, it’s understandable. No one looks forward to dealing with their junk car. Now, though, selling a junk car is much easier than it used to be …

Aurora – junk your car for quick cash

Get paid for your junk car in Aurora, IL Tired of listing your car online and setting up appointments around Aurora, IL, only to have potential buyers leave you hanging or walk away uninterested? How much more time are you going to waste collecting est …

Belleville – sell your junker now

Cash could be yours today You finally made the decision to sell your junk car, congratulations! The next step is obviously to actually sell it, but how? You can start by calling Junk Car Traders. Every day we buy junky cars just like yours, and the own …

Belvidere – swap your clunker for cash

Selling your Belvidere junk car is simple Here’s the honest truth: owning a junk car just isn’t fun. When it’s parked in the yard out in front of your home, it’s impossible not to think about it constantly. The idea of selling it and obtaining a newer, …

Bloomington – easy money for your junker

We pay max cash for Bloomington junk cars Sick of seeing that old, beat up junker sitting in your front yard? It’s covered in rust, and it looks absolutely awful. Worst of all, there’s no way you’ll ever drive it again. Why? Well, it needs so many repa …

Bolingbrook – make cash from your clunker

Fastest cash you’ll make today is selling your junk car Doesn’t spending lots of money on an old junk car to repair it sound crazy? Then stop doing it! Get paid cold hard cash for it instead. How to do that? Call Junk Car Traders. Your car will be remo …

Carbondale – swap your junk car for cash

We pay the most for junk cars It’s not always easy to admit the truth to yourself. Particularly when it comes to your junk car, we understand why you might be telling yourself that it’s not as bad as it seems. But, here’s the reality: it’s costing you …

Champaign – cash now for old cars

How would you like a pile of cash for your clunker? If you’re under the impression that the rust bucket of a junk car isn’t worth anything anymore, you’re wrong. You could have a pile of cash instead of that old junk car today. Junk Car Traders has bee …

Chicago – paying cash for your junk vehicle

Ready to make some money off your junk car? You’ve finally come to terms with the fact that your car is a clunker. We’ll let you in on some good news: we pay cash for junk cars in Chicago, IL. We’re Junk Car Traders, and we work with various junk yards …

Cicero – free towing and cash for junk cars

Get cash now for your junk car It can be hard getting a quote for your clunker in Cicero, particularly when you have a beat up old junk car. Private parties don’t typically want to buy a junk car, and dealerships offer you pennies. Junk yards are inter …

Decatur – rapid cash for junkers

We pay cash for Decatur junk cars Are you sick and tired of dealing with your old, broken down junk car? Has the day finally arrived where you want to clear out space in your garage, and you need that clunker gone? Paying to tow it seems like a waste o …

Elgin – quick cash for your junk car

Easy money for junk cars We get it: you’ve been procrastinating when it comes to selling your clunker in Elgin. After all, isn’t selling a junk car a bit of a headache? Well, it used to be. But not anymore, thanks to Junk Car Traders. We’re here to mak …

Evanston – rapid cash for your junk car

Get paid in less than 24 hours Today’s the day. Your car died weeks or maybe even months ago, and you’ve been putting off dealing with it. You’ve tried to ignore the problem here in Evanston, but today you’ve finally decided it’s time to deal with it a …

Joliet – we’ll pay cash for your clunker today

Quick cash for your junk car Owning a junk car is a huge hassle. Get rid of it today in Joliet, IL, and walk away with a nice stack of cash! Too good to be true? Not at all! Junk Car Traders pays cash for junk cars here in Joliet, and we’ve purchased p …

Lake County – we buy old junky cars

Get paid in cash quickly for your old worn car Is there no hope of recovery for your car? Every car’s life comes to an end eventually. While difficult to admit, it’s good to know when that happens so you can stop wasting money on it. Unfortunately, whe …

Marion – turning clunkers into cash

Part ways with your junker today Since you’re reading this, you probably have a junk car that you want to get rid of in Marion, IL. We pay cash for junk cars all over Marion! Curious if Junk Car Traders is reputable? Read through our reviews and call 8 …

McHenry County – top prices for clunkers

Get quick cash for your junk car This is today’s sad truth: a car usually runs well for fewer two decades. While that sounds like a good long time, think back to how old your car already was when you bought it. Now those two decades are cut into at lea …

Naperville – we’ll buy your junk car now

Say goodbye to that old clunker Do you need to free up space in your garage? How about getting that old rust bucket of a car out of the way? Well, your local repair shop has quoted you something outrageous to fix it up, and you don’t know what to do. N …

Palatine – we pay cash for junk cars

Get max cash for your junk car in Palatine, IL Have you been holding onto a junk car for years and years? If so, no one’s blaming you. It’s not easy trying to get rid of one. But, let’s face the facts here: an old junk car is nothing but a huge burden. …

Pekin – get max cash for your junk car

Top dollar for Pekin junk cars Would there happen to be a junk car sitting in your front yard as we speak? Or, maybe it’s taking up a ton of room in your garage instead. Either way, we’ve got some excellent news for you: Junk Car Traders is prepared to …

Peoria – we pay cash for junk cars

Get the most cash for your junk car Have you got an unreliable junk car on your hands that won’t stop giving you trouble? It’s been sitting in your driveway for weeks and weeks. It refuses to start, and it’s causing you no end of stress. Don’t blow you …

Rockford – easy money for your clunker

Fast cash now for your junk car Are you tired of trying to start your car to no avail? Junk Car Traders is ready to pay you cash for it right now in Rockford. We pay top dollar for cars just like yours, and we’ll even haul it away from any location in …

Schaumburg – your junk car is worth cash

Your junk car could mean a pile of easy cash for you You can’t expect your car to last forever, it isn’t meant to. What do you do when your car gets older than 20? If you can afford a new car, great. What if you can’t? Your old car starts breaking down …

Springfield – cash for your junk car

Sell your Springfield junk car for fast cash Do you cringe every time you see the junk car sitting in front of your house? It’s understandable. A lot of people feel that way when they’re the (not so proud) owner of an old, rusty, beat up pile of scrap …

Waukegan – major cash for junky cars

We’ll give you cash in return for your clunky car Is there an old junky car in your possession that you’re done with wasting money on? Junk Car Traders wants to help you. We pay in cash for any vehicle in Waukegan, IL, and it takes less than 24 hours f …

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2007 Ford Explorer550
2007 Dodge Caliber362
2006 Honda Civic500
2006 Chevrolet Equinox225
2005 Ford F-1501100
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