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Trying to get rid of your junk car in Olathe is hard. Your car may be in too poor condition to sell, or buyers seem interested on the phone and then never show up at your door. What options do you have left? You could call a tow company, but you’d have to pay them instead of the other way around. You deserve cash for that car you’ve invested so much in– no matter the condition it’s in now!

Enter Junk Car Traders. Not only will we take that clunker off your hands for free; we’ll give you cash for it! We should be your first, last, and only call for getting junk cars out of your life. You’d be surprised at the cars we’ve bought right in the Olathe area, from run-down and beat up to damaged cars beyond repair, all for hundreds of dollars. Don’t let a tow company take your car away at your own expense. Let us pay you for its value!

Give us a call and you’ll see that we buy any vehicle, of any model or year, in any condition. Rust, bad brakes, inoperable, salvage title or no title at all, we’ve seen it and bought it for top dollar!

We’ll pick up your car anywhere in Olathe, KS

Just because a car is no longer running or needs a lot of work doesn’t mean it’s worthless. You may have found a private buyer or called a junkyard, only to find their offers are far below what you’d expect. Let Junk Car Traders be your next call and you’ll see we’re different than the rest!

Why would we offer more than the other guys? Believe it or not, we’re less concerned with the car itself and more interested in its parts. We recycle vehicles, and our interest lies in the steel and working parts. We’ll give you a quote based on the car’s weight, which is why we can offer you more cash.

We’ll travel anywhere in Olathe to remove a junk car, including inside the De Soto, Olathe, Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley, Spring Hill and Gardner-Edgerton school districts. When you give us a call, let us know where you live and we can be there many times within 24 hours.

The easiest way to sell your junk car in Olathe

Your car is worth more than you think, but that doesn’t mean you should spend months testing different methods to sell your car and find them coming up short. This process can be done in less than a day with Junk Car Traders!

The process is so simple. All we need is 10 minutes of your time for a phone call where you tell us about your car and the condition it’s in. We’ll give you an offer, and if you accept, we’ll schedule a day and time to come by that’s most convenient for you. We take the car away and give you cold hard cash before we leave.

Simple, right? Get paid to get rid of your junk car in Olathe. We’re just a quick call away, and you could be hundreds of dollars richer in a few hours! Contact us now at 855-959-1325.

Selling Your Junk Car For The Win Today In Olathe!?

Selling your junk car for the win today in Olathe!. There are some things that you can repair and save money by doing so. But there are other things like a junk car that you can lose money if you continue to pay for mounting and costly repairs. You would then be better off investing into a new or newer vehicle. Give Junk Car Traders a quick call at 855-959-1325 to find out how much your junk car is worth today. You will receive a free customized quote for top dollar for what your junk car is worth. You may even be surprised by how much your car is worth. There is no need to put the call off any longer. Call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325 today!

How to sign a junk car title inOlathe, Kansas

Our agents will walk you through how to properly sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

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I would tell them about the experience i had with this company from every person I talked to was very polite and the time was ok even the towed truck driver was on point will do business with you again

Dennis Goldman

Very smooth business transaction . We agreed on a price and the next day they picked up the vehicle and handed me a check. Its hard to find business that does what they say they are going to do .......... these guys do ...Thanks for a great experience


It was very easy to get rid of my car. The constant contact was very good, which made the process very easy. The only thing that I feel needs improvement is the way the car is retrieved. I believe that there needs to be a receipt at the time of the transaction. I felt uncomfortable just signing my title over without having it filled out in its entirety and being given payment without confirmation. Overall it was easy process I will recommend to others.

Need a new title or registration we can help. We can often buy cars without titles or find your local DMV in the list below:
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Olathe(913) 715-2510100 N Kansas Ave
Olathe(785) 296-683420162 W 151st St

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