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Chevrolet Tahoe
Year: 2004Offer Price: $1,000
Honda Odyssey
Year: 2006Offer Price: $459
Chevrolet Tahoe
Year: 2007Offer Price: $3,000
Kia Sportage
Year: 2009Offer Price: $782
Volkswagen Passat Sedan
Year: 2009Offer Price: $723
Ford Edge
Year: 2008Offer Price: $1,600

Louisiana, we pay top dollar for junk cars

Is there an old junk car taking up room in your garage? Are you sick and tired of paying for one repair after another? If so, you should call Junk Car Traders today. We have the solution to your junk car problem. As a nationwide company, we pay cash for junk cars all across the United States, including here in Louisiana. Best of all, we’ll tow away your junk car absolutely free of charge, no matter where you’re located. Just call us to get started: 855-959-1325.

Quick cash for your junk car in Louisiana

It’s time to get rid of the clunker that’s taking up room in your garage or yard. It no longer runs reliably, and you’re better off without it. When you call Junk Car Traders, our team of experts will give you a quote for your vehicle based on current part and scrap metal prices. Because we work all across the country, we’re able to offer the best price in all of Louisiana for your junk car. We don’t care what condition your junk car is in: we want to pay you cash for it. If your car won’t start, or if it’s completely rusted through, that’s fine. We still want to buy your junk car, no matter what shape it’s in.

Get cash now for your junk car in Louisiana

Selling your junk car to Junk Car Traders is simple. All you need to have on hand are your title and registration. If you can’t find them, call the Louisiana DMV to request a duplicate copy. When you call us, we’ll quote you a price and set up a time to tow your car. Next thing you know, you’ll have a stack of cash in your hand. Don’t wait another day: call Junk Car Traders now at 855-959-1325!


Louisiana - get the junk car off your hands

Massive cash for your Louisiana junk car

You’re in an unfortunate place right now. You have a total junk car on your hands. It randomly stops working, or it won’t start up on cold mornings. You’ve had to call into work way too many times because your car won’t get you there. You’re starting to worry that your employers think it’s a ruse. Luckily, [brand] is in town and we’d love to buy your car. We’ll offer a bid that tops all other bids, private sales included. Just call us at 855-959-1325 to find out how much your car’s worth to us.

Max cash for your junk car in Louisiana

We at [brand] think that your area is a great place to live. The public education is good, the beach is right nearby, plus it’s the home of the great LSU Lady Tigers basketball team. It couldn’t be much better except for the fact that you have to own a car to get around. It’s hard having a junk car in your area. You have someone you can talk to, though. Our agents are knowledgeable and skilled, and if you’re wondering whether you should really sell your car right now, they can help you out. Call us at 855-959-1325 for a free consultation.

We’ll tow for free from anywhere in your place

We always offer free towing services. When we started Rusty’s it only made sense that we should completely take care of the most stressful parts of selling a car for our clients. The easier the process is, the more people will want to do it. We know that many junk cars don’t run anymore, so we decided that we’ll just tow for free. It makes selling your junk car a whole lot easier when you know that the buyer will come pick up the junk car, even if you can’t move it.

Why is Rusty’s the best in the area?

Rusty’s does a lot of things right. We know that’s a little bold to say, but it’s just the truth. We treat our customers well, we have a quick turnaround, we recycle, and we offer a lot of money for junk cars. Even if you’ve never heard of us, chances are that many of your neighbors have, because we’ve been buying cars in your area for years. We like working in areas such as Alexandria, Shreveport, Lake Charles and Houma because the people are friendly, the weather’s great, and we can offer the big bucks on a lot of the junk cars here.

Call today to find out how much we’ll pay for your junk car. 855-959-1325

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Cities in Louisiana where we buy Junk Cars.

If you do not see your city below, call us anyway we service most of the United States with great junk car prices

Baton Rouge – swap your junk car for cash

Cash today for your clunker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana If you’re looking to sell your junk car in Baton Rouge, you’ve probably noticed that there are a ton of junk car buyers. But, a lot of them are scammers. At Junk Car Traders, we’re different. We pay …

Bossier City – max cash for junk cars

Sell your junk car now in Bossier City At this point, your junk car just doesn’t work anymore. You’re at a place where you’re tired of spending so much money trying to fix it up. It gets terrible gas mileage, and half the time it refuses to start. Why …

Hammond – max cash for your junk car

Get cash for your junk car today Do you have an old junk car that you’ve been pouring an endless amount of money into? If so, Junk Car Traders is here to help. We pay top dollar for junk cars in Hammond, LA, and we can get you your cash in less than a …

Lafayette – get top dollar for your junk car

Sell us your junk car Is the old car that’s taking up space on your property preventing you from moving on and earning you complaints from your neighbors? What if someone told you that you not only towed it away for free but also give you cash for the …

Lake Charles – we pay cash for junk cars

Max cash for your junker in Lake Charles, LA If you’re like a lot of other junk car owners, you may have already sunk quite a bit of your time and energy into trying to sell it. After all that effort, you’ve got nothing to show for it. You’ve put ads o …

New Orleans – we give cash for your junk car

We’ll pay you cash for your junk car Does calling for help while out driving seem like a given? Does your emergency kit need to be replaced from too much usage? Every time you shut off the car, do you get a cold sweat, thinking it won’t start again? Yo …

Shreveport – your junk car means quick cash

We pay cash for cars in any condition Totaling your car can be a nightmare. Now what do you do? How are you going to afford a new car? The solution is simpler than you think! We’re Junk Car Traders, and we’ll take that junk car off your hands for cold, …

Slidell – top dollar for your clunker

We buy junk cars in Slidell If you’ve decided to sell your junk car here in Slidell, LA, you might be wondering how to make it happen. That’s easy: just call Junk Car Traders! We offer the best customer service in the entire business, and we make the p …

Sulphur – top dollar for junk cars

Sell your clunker in Sulphur, LA Are you in need of some fast cash? Whether you have a bill or two to pay, a vacation to take, or a new car to buy, we get it: you need cash, and you need it now. Junk Car Traders is here to assist you! If you’ve got an …

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Quick and easy service, very polite service too.

Rosa Friedl



Very nice and helpful.

Jennifer Martinez

when the dealership i bought my new car from wouldn't take my old car for a trade in, I knew it was in bad shape. i knew she wasn't worthless! Junk Car Traders offered me $400 and picked her up the next day. everything was very fast! was extremely happy about that. great service from them and the towing company! excellent people to do business with.

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VehicleAverage Paid
2010 International PROSTAR9000
2010 Volkswagen Passat900
2008 Chrysler Aspen650
2008 Dodge Caliber300
2007 Chevrolet Malibu200
2006 Subaru Baja1000
2006 Honda Pilot600
2006 Dodge Sprinter700
2005 Toyota Highlander975
2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty900
2005 Chrysler Sebring200
2004 BMW X3500
2004 Chevrolet Colorado450
2004 Toyota Camry300
2003 Audi A4275
2003 BMW 7 Series550
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe200
2003 Nissan 350Z600
2003 Honda Civic250
2002 Toyota Corolla225
2002 Saturn L-Series200
2001 Cadillac DeVille200
2001 Saturn L-Series200
2001 Oldsmobile Alero200
2000 Chevrolet Tahoe225
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