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For quick cash, sell us your car in Reno, NV!

Admit it: your car is worth less than the cost to repair it. It’s time to sell that junker for cash! Don’t bother trying to sell it to a private buyer or dealership, or haul it off to a junkyard that will pay you less than the car is worth. There’s a much faster, easier, and more lucrative way to get rid of your junk car in Reno!

Junk Car Traders are junk car experts. We make junking your car as easy for you as possible. The car doesn’t start? No problem. You don’t have a title? We’ll work with you. The vehicle was in an accident or is beyond repair? It’s time to let us make you an offer.

All you need to do is call 855-959-1325, tell us a little about your clunker, and we’ll come take your car away for free… sometimes in as little as 24 hours! We guarantee an offer, and when we arrive, we’ll give you that amount in cash on the spot. That’s right: we’ll give you the exact amount we quoted you, without hidden fees.

How to get top dollar for your junk car in Reno

Just because your car doesn’t run or needs a lot of work doesn’t mean it’s worthless. We’re different because we recycle your vehicle– and that’s why we don’t care if it’s running! Do yourself and environment a favor and let us make you an offer based on your car’s weight and what functioning parts we can repurpose.

The process can’t be any easier. One phone call and ten minutes of your time could mean cold hard cash in your pocket by tomorrow and that clunker out of your life forever.

Don’t wait to get cash for your clunker, Reno!

Remember, the call only takes ten minutes, we guarantee a quote, offer free removal of your car in the Reno area, and give you cash on the spot. What’s there to lose?

Our tow trucks can be at your door within 24 hours of your call. Just think, you could have a clean garage or clunker-free lawn by this time tomorrow, and with cash to burn! Our junk car experts are waiting to make you an offer at 855-959-1325. Call us today… you won’t be disappointed!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

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Steve Breen

The tow driver handled himself very professionally. Very pleasant and hassle free experiece.

Chris Brown

Made entire transaction very easy.

Doug(ie Fresh) Morrison

The women that dealt with my chatty ass were AWESOME. I mean JESUS. You guys have a couple of aces there Sydney, and T. I think her name started with a T but my phone sucks. I play too much, so the way they handled that was an amazing breath of fresh air at this day in age. Kind, clear and fun. Whats wrong with getting work done and having some fun doing it? Im glad i found these guys. And ill certain recommend it to anyone that'll listen. Im the type of guy that gives Tylenol a headache, so their patience was great

Rosa Friedl


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