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Alamogordo – sell us your junk car today

We pay the most for junk cars It’s not easy selling a clunker in Alamogordo, is it? Well, it never was in the past, but now it is. What do we mean? Thanks to Junk Car Traders, it’s become incredibly simple to sell a junk car. Regardless of the conditio …

Albuquerque – get up to $12,000 for your junk car

Cash in your clunker now in Albuquerque, NM Listen, we get it: you’ve got a car that’s a total dud. If you’re thinking of trying to sell it yourself in Albuquerque, NM, don’t waste your time. Posting it online, dealing with scammers, setting up appoint …

Carlsbad – get the most cash for your junk car

Cash for junk cars in Carlsbad It’s here! The day has finally come! What are we talking about? Why, selling your junk car, of course. The time is now: you need to get rid of that old clunker as soon as possible. We’re talking on the double! The problem …

Gallup – we’ll buy your junk car

Sell us your Gallup junk car There’s no need to worry that you’ll never get a good price for your junk car here in the Gallup, NM area. Why? Because Junk Car Traders can pay up to $12,000 for junk cars! If your vehicle is in awful shape, there’s no nee …

Las Cruces – we’ll buy your junk car today

Easy cash for your clunker We know it’s hard to admit that your car has bit the dust, but you’ve come to terms with it. We get it. Fortunately, though, there’s good news: if you’re here in Las Cruces, NM, you can get cash for your junk car today. Junk …

Rio Rancho – we buy junk cars

Cash today for your junk car You’re ready to get a new, reliable vehicle. There’s just one problem: you’ve got an old junk car taking up space in your garage. What’s the solution? You need to trade in that junk car for cash in Rio Rancho, NM. And the b …

Santa Fe – get cash for your clunker

We pay top dollar for junk cars Here’s the deal, New Mexico: we’ll pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your old junk car in Santa Fe, and we don’t care what condition it’s in. No hassles, no scams: just a professional company that’s prepared …

Santa Fe County – rapid cash for junk cars

Trade your junk car for easy cash Are you completely fed up with attempting to repair your junk car in Santa Fe County? If so, we can help. If you call Junk Car Traders right now, we’ll quote you a price for your junk car over the phone. Within 24 hour …

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Ford Fusion
Year: 2013Offer Price: $1,100
Infiniti G35 Coupe
Year: 2007Offer Price: $498
Cadillac SRX
Year: 2010Offer Price: $983
Nissan Maxima
Year: 2011Offer Price: $913
Mazda CX-7
Year: 2011Offer Price: $742
Toyota Corolla
Year: 2019Offer Price: $3,200

New Mexico, get max cash for your clunker

It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to selling your junk car. After all, it’s not easy trying to sell a junk car in New Mexico, is it? Actually, thanks to Junk Car Traders, selling your clunker has never been easier!

Junk Car Traders makes selling your New Mexico junk car simple

Are you tired of having an eyesore on your property? Are you sick of looking at a junk car day after day? Well, Junk Car Traders has the solution. We pay top dollar for junk cars in New Mexico. As long as you have your title and registration, we can put cash in your hand for your clunker in less than 24 hours. No title or registration? Don’t worry: just call the New Mexico DMV and request a duplicate. Don’t waste time calling one scrap yard after another. Most junk yards offer next to nothing for junk cars, and then try to hit you with last minute, hidden fees. Junk Car Traders is different: we pay top dollar for junk cars, no matter what condition they’re in.

We’ll buy any junk car in New Mexico

No matter what part of the state you’re in, Junk Car Traders will tow away your junk car for free and pay you cash for it. Just call us at 855-959-1325 and answer a few simple questions about your junk car. We’ll quote you a price over the phone, and set up a time to come haul away your clunker. Within 24 hours, one of our tow truck operators will come tow your junk car and put cash in your hand! Selling your junk car in New Mexico has never been easier: call Junk Car Traders now at 855-959-1325!


New Mexico - finally get that junk car off your hands

We can offer major cash for your junk car

Shoot! Your car has finally stopped running, and you know it’s not worth pouring any more money into. Your friends and family keep asking you when you’re getting a new car. You keep saying you don’t know, but today you’ve decided to make some changes. Good thing this happened right before you have to register. You’d rather just get your junk car off of your hands faster than have to deal with that. With a car like this, though, you know it could take weeks to sell with a classified ad, and you don’t want to have an unregistered vehicle sitting around on your property.

This is where [brand] comes in. Need to sell your vehicle fast, but still want to get the highest price possible? You’ve found the place!

Call [brand] today at 855-959-1325 to find out how many hundreds you can get for your junk car.

Buying junk cars in New Mexico

You read that right, but we’ll just say it again so you don’t have to read back through. We will give you hundreds or thousands of dollars for your junk car, and we offer the fastest service in the area. Need to get this car off your hands by tomorrow? Call to get a quote, and we can be there tomorrow to give you cash and haul away your vehicle.

Rusty’s runs on honesty

When we bid on your car and you accept the amount, we’re locked into that amount. Rusty’s Auto Service has never spammed, underbid, or cheated someone on the money that they deserve for their junk vehicle. If you live in the place where the great Lobos football team hail from, then call us today at 855-959-1325 to lock in a top dollar bid.

Call Rusty’s to get top dollar for your junk car

Sometimes it doesn’t help to be humble. Rusty’s is the best in the auto recycling industry, and we’re not afraid to say it. We take a complicated process and make it simple for our customers.

Need to sell the car without a title in Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Hobbs or Gallup? You may not get quite as much cash, but our professional agents can help you sell a car whether or not is has a title. If you just need to get another copy of your title or registration, visit your local New Mexico DMV office.

Let’s talk about your junk car. 855-959-1325.

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