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Exhausted of counting up the repair bills for your car? Is your vehicle a hazard to drive? How about we buy your car for cash? We can pay you as much as $12,000! Call Junk Car Traders today and find out how much cash your car is valued at, we’ll give you a quote right away. Think of all the ways you could use that extra cash: new car, vacation, or paying off debt!

We offer cash for every junk car in Newburgh

Junk Car Traders makes it super simple to sell a junk car in Newburgh. We make it possible for you to avoid dealing with junk yards that give very low quotes, and provide less than excellent service. We send our tow trucks to your location to remove your car at no charge to you, and never charge any surprise fees. Call 855-959-1325 and find out more about our services.

Is your car in bad shape? Lots of broken parts?  We don’t mind! Junk Car Traders will pay you cash for it, no hassles. Junk Car Traders does not make you wait for a check, we give you cash right away.

All over Newburgh, we give cash for junkers

You love living in Newburgh, and to make the most of it, you need a dependable car. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of the road on a car that’s broken down for the third time that week. Wherever you’re located around or in Newburgh, we’ll come tow your car for free! Call 855-959-1325 and we’ll buy your car for cash today!

You’re a phone call away from getting cash

Our experts are waiting to give you a high offer on your car when you call 855-959-1325. The conversation won’t take more than ten minutes. We get some basic information about your car, then give a quote. When you say yes, a time will be arranged for the removal of your junk car.

Our team of tow truck drivers is  friendly and professional, who show up on time with cash in hand for you once the ownership of the car is transferred. Don’t wait any longer, call 855-959-1325!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

Our Customers Love Us….. Read Our Reviews

Bill Sipes

It all happened fast and on schedule. The price I received was better than the competition and the tow driver was very polite.

Greg Douglas

Easy process.Quick response no . Problem

Chris Brown

Made entire transaction very easy.


It was very easy to get rid of my car. The constant contact was very good, which made the process very easy. The only thing that I feel needs improvement is the way the car is retrieved. I believe that there needs to be a receipt at the time of the transaction. I felt uncomfortable just signing my title over without having it filled out in its entirety and being given payment without confirmation. Overall it was easy process I will recommend to others.

Need a new title or registration we can help. We can often buy cars without titles or find you local DMV in the list below:
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Newburgh(718) 477-4820355 S William St
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