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You’ve waited as long as you could, but you can’t stall any longer. You have to sell your junk car. It’s understandable, you’ve had the car for a long time and loved it a lot. Unfortunately lately that car hasn’t been loving you back. So might as well get whatever cash you can for it.

It’s easier to talk about selling your junk car than actually doing it. That’s the way you’re used to it being anyways. Junk Car Traders is here to change the game. We make it super easy, and give you the biggest payout in Wilmington, NC. More often than not, junkyards want to make money off of you. They offer you a decent amount of money, but then give you a lower amount when it comes to getting the job done. Don’t even bother dealing with people like that, call Junk Car Traders first. Our reputation is the best in the business, and we give you cash right away for your clunker in Wilmington.

In Wilmington? Sell us your junk car!

Concerned that no one wants your junk car because it’s… well… junk? That’s ok with us, and we still want your car! Running or broken, we will pay top dollar.

Having years of experience, Junk Car Traders is hands down your best option when you want to sell a clunker. Our experts are standing by to give you cash right away for your old vehicle. We service all locations in or around Wilmington, like Navassa, Silver Lake, and Ogden. Call us right away!

There’s nothing simpler than selling your junk car in Wilmington

Selling your car online is a real pain, and it takes forever to get a response. Junk Car Traders wants to give you cash right away for your junky car. When you contact us, we’ll ask for some details about your car. Then based on those details we’ll give you an estimate on your car. If the estimate is accepted, we’ll arrange the removal of your car that works with your schedule. Once our tow truck driver arrives, they will give you cash right away.

Don’t procrastinate any longer, call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325 immediately!

How to sign a junk car title inWilmington, North Carolina

Our agents will walk you through how to properly sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

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So easy!


Great to do business with!! Very friendly, professional and prompt!!

Michael Martin

Fast response!!! Gave us a fair amount for our car. We'd highly recommend to anyone that wants to get rid of a junk car and make some money while doing so

Dane Greening

Nice and easy

Need a new title or registration we can help. We can often buy cars without titles or find your local DMV in the list below:
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