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Dodge Charger
Year: 2007Offer Price: $712
Ford Focus Sedan (4 doors)
Year: 2014Offer Price: $1,279
Dodge Grand Caravan Passenger Van
Year: 2013Offer Price: $1,672
Ford Fusion
Year: 2010Offer Price: $600
Mercedes-Benz R
Year: 2007Offer Price: $500
Ford Focus Sedan (4 doors)
Year: 2014Offer Price: $1,300

North Dakota, let us pay you cash for your junk car

Tired of that old junk car taking up space in your garage? There’s no reason to keep it around when you could get cash for it instead. How? By calling Junk Car Traders at 833-418-1745! We work all across North Dakota buying junk cars. In fact, we have a nationwide network of parts buyers and scrap metal dealers. That’s how we’re able to pay top dollar for junk cars like yours. All we need is a little info about your vehicle, and we can quote you a price over the phone right away. We know that working with a junk car buyer might make you nervous. Don’t worry, though: just take a look at our five star reviews below.

Facts about working with Junk Car Traders

  • We pay the most for junk cars in North Dakota
  • Towing and removal are included at no charge
  • We’ll buy any junk car regardless of what shape it’s in
  • We pay top dollar, every time
  • No title? No problem, we’ll still work with you
  • We have years of experience in the junk car industry

We’ll buy any clunker in North Dakota

No matter what part of the state you’re in, we’ll happily pay you top dollar for your clunker. And, best of all, towing is included for free. We’ll send out a tow truck driver to haul away your clunker at no cost to you, and they’ll put cash in your hand on the spot! Sound good to you?

When you’re ready to sell your clunker, all it takes is a 10 minute phone call. Why wait another day? Call Junk Car Traders now at 833-418-1745 to get started!

Get the top value your junk car deserves

Have you ever wondered what a few thousand dollars extra in your pocket could get you? The possibilities are endless. You can go on a vacation anytime you want, or reward yourself with new clothes, or even buy yourself a brand new ride, just to name a few. We at Junk Car Traders wants to help you achieve it fast and easy. So if you own a clunker that you have been wanting to sell for some time now, then we've got great news for you!

At Junk Car Traders, great service is at the core of our business, so we pay our customers in North Dakota with a great deal of cash for their clunker. In fact, we pay better than any of our competitors out there. Moreover, we offer our towing services for free! With us, a new opportunity awaits you - an opportunity to be released from the burden of owning a junk car that has been in your backyard for as long as you can remember, and an opportunity to earn cash easily for something that you no longer need. 

Selling your clunker in North Dakota is easy

Get in touch with us today. Dial 833-418-1745 and we'll make you see how easy it is to sell a clunker in North Dakota. After answering a few simple queries you'll get your quote right after. Just accept the quote and we can agree on a time for your junk car to be picked up from your residence. Junk Car Traders agents are knowledgeable in giving our customers the fairest price for a clunker, as well as pros that you can rely on when it comes to selling your car. 

There's a crucial requirement for you to fulfill though, and that's proving that you are the actual owner of the car to be sold. Just get the title ready (this will serve as proof) when our tow truck driver comes to get the vehicle. After this, you'll just have to sign some papers and then we'll give you the cash in the form of a check. Feel free to reach us at 833-418-1745 for further queries.

We purchase junk cars all over North Dakota

It does not matter where you are situated in the area, we will tow your car, free of charge. We will hand over a quote to you and then our driver will pick up your clunker. We cater to any place in {CITY}, including the surrounding neighborhood. Our customers are always guaranteed with free delivery for their car, and there's no need to worry about any other fees.

Call us today at833-418-1745 to get the cash your car is worth!

We are eager to buy your junk car

Today, you can make the right decision of letting go of your junk car. You may have tried to sell the car that has been on your backyard for years, but you just don’t know the best way to do it. You’ve tried and tried to sell your clunker before, but you just can find a suitable buyer in South Dakota. Even if there was, you would end up completely scammed, if not paid with only a meager amount of money that does not even befit your car’s worth.

Worry no more, for Junk Car Traders is here in South Dakota. We recycle, and that means you can sell us your old car at a fair price, even if it is already good as scrap metal. So stop spending your money on repairing your junk car - you know deep inside that you need to let go of it as it is eating up your savings, going back and forth to the auto shop one month after another. Instead of spending your money on useless repairs, why not spend it on a brand new vehicle? With the cash that we pay you, you’ll make your dream of riding a new car come true! 

Towing is free in South Dakota and surrounding areas

We at Junk Car Traders boasts a powerful towing network, and therefore we’re always prepared to come to you and pick up your clunker. Do you have a Beetle that does not have tires and only broken rims? Or an old Mercedes whose body is laden with rust? Or a Ford truck that won’t start anymore? If so, you don’t have to worry, because as we specialize in recycling, we will still buy your car, no matter what condition it is in! 

Your junk car can be sold with ease

Selling your clunker is a smart move, with only a few simple steps to follow: 

  1. Reach out to us at 833-418-1745 for a free quote
  2. Agree with the quote for top dollar
  3. Have an appointment for the pick up of your car
  4. Meet with us to trade your car

As you can see, you only have to follow a few simple steps to sell your old car, and you’ll be getting your cash in no time!

Don’t delay, call 833-418-1745 today! Sell your car to us and buy your new car already!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you trust your mechanic to pick up your check then we can leave it with him. However, if it is easier for you, we can make other plans for you to pick up your check. We can also make arrangements for your check to be mailed to you.

If you are not able to be present when the tow truck comes to pick up your junk car, we can go through the transaction with someone you trust. We just need someone to hand the check to before towing the car. This can even be your mechanic.

At Rusty's, you'll get your payment the moment you sign over the title to our tow truck driver. When selling your old car, you need to prepare the title and registration to make the transaction quicker and easier. If you do not have these with you, you can call us and we can help or guide you in getting a new one.

If your car has a broken engine and it no longer runs, then we will still buy it! The truth is, there are cars out there that are in worse condition than your own, we can assure you that we will be able to make a cash offer on it.

As compared to fire or flood, hail can do a lot more damage to a car. Large hails can dent the car, and at times if can even shatter the windows. So you've got a hail-damaged clunker? Just call us and we'll buy it! We'll be happy to offer you a top dollar quote for it!

If you have lost your title or simply do not have one you can go ahead and give us a call and one of our customer service representative can walk you through the process. The first step often is visiting your local DMV. In some states you can even apply for a new title online and have it mailed to the original address. Sometimes certain situations are more difficult and may require extra steps. Go ahead and give us a call and we can start the process together.

We do not suggest that you replace any parts on a vehicle in order to try to increase the value but please let us know of any new parts that have been recently installed so that we can be sure to get you the maximum quote possible. A new battery alone may not significantly increase the value of your vehicle but if you have other new parts then we want to be sure all are figured into the value of your car.

It is preferred that you are present with the car when the tow driver comes to pick it up. We understand that sometimes it may not be possible for you to do that. Perhaps you need your vehicle towed from the shop. Let us know what your situation is and we will do everything that we can to make special arrangements to ensure that you receive your payment.

You can more easily sell your broken down car with both your title and registration. Keep in mind that the title helps us to give you top dollar for your vehicle. And some states do not need the registration. In fact we can still buy your vehicle without a title but you will receive a decreased quote. With both your title and registration then you should have no issue selling your junk car.

If it is most convenient for you to have us pick up your car from the mechanic shop we can do that. Be aware that sometimes the mechanic may ask for money in this arrangement. Sometimes your car is in too bad of a condition to take it home from the shop and we understand that completely. Give us a call to make selling your clunker easy today.

We are an established service with many positive reviews online. You can do your research on us and find out that we have many happy clients from all over the country. We have an immediate payment guarantee and make it as easy as possible for you to sell your junk car. Give us a call to get started on earning top dollar for your clunker today.

We know that getting paid fast is important for our customers. We make sure that you are paid as soon as the title is signed over to us. The tow truck driver will have a check for you that you can turn around and cash immediately. Call us today to learn more about the selling process and to get your top dollar quote.

Registration is usually not required to sell your car. In some states registration is needed but we can take care of getting it for you in exchange for a slightly lower quote. Give us a call to see if registration is required for you and get a top dollar quote today.

Adding new parts to your car will not add much value to it. Often times adding more parts to your car will end up costing you money down the road. We are happy to buy cars in any condition.

Not having the wheels will not prevent us from buying your junk car whether you are choosing to keep the wheels or they are just missing. You may receive a little lower quote without the wheels unless they were premium wheels but whatever the case may be we will still buy your vehicle. Let us know if the vehicle does not have the wheels because we will need to arrange for a special towing truck to remove it.

When a car is damaged by hail it can be minor to severe but we will still buy it. Dents and broken windows will not keep us from buying your vehicle. If we are able to view some pictures of the damage then that will help us with figuring your quote. Depending on the car and the damage we will find you a lot of cash for your junk car.

You may need to cover the cost of towing a vehicle with damaged cars if you sell to some junk car buyers. The cost can be expensive so you may want to consider selling your vehicle to us and receive absolutely free towing. We will not give you a voucher to cover some of the cost or make you pay the entire charges because free towing is a perk we offer all of our customers.

You do not need to worry about a broken windshield if you are trying to sell your junk car. This is because a broken windshield will not greatly affect the value of your junk car. Instead most of the value comes from the metal that is in the car. This metal can be sold for scrap metal.

It is not a problem if your car is missing parts. You may be able to get more money if your car has more parts but we will never turn down your vehicle. Our expert agents can give you a top dollar quote for your vehicle. We will also offer you free towing service. Give us a call to get started today.

We buy totalled cars all the time. It is not a problem to us if your car has undergone extreme damage. There is always value in the scrap metals of your car. We can send a specialized tow truck to pick it up for free as well. Give us a call today to find out how much you can earn for your old car.

Our process results in very minimal disposal at a landfill. After removing every ounce of recycled metal and all reusable or resellable components then there will be very little if anything left for the landfill. By selling scrap metals for maximum dollars based on scrap metal prices we are able to pass higher quotes on to our customers.

Hail is probably one of the worst weather phenomena that can severely damage a car. A car may sustain dents and broken glass. Regardless of how much damage it received we will buy your junk car for a top dollar quote that will make you happy.

We buy every clunker because we know that each one is unique and valued differently. You might not realize that your vehicle could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The customized free quote that we give to you is based on the condition and weight and size of the old clunker you wish to sell. Using that information we will give you the best quote possible regardless to the condition.

Cities in North Dakota where we buy Junk Cars.

If you do not see your city below, call us anyway we service most of the United States with great junk car prices

Bismarck – collect cash for junkers

Get an instant estimate for your junk car The harsh truth is that your car will one day become a junky car. Time won’t stand still for your car, no matter how you try. You put lots of use into your car every day, and eventually, it all adds up. The day …

Dickinson – sell your junk car quickly

We want to buy your old worn out car Today could be the day you stop spending money on your old junk car. Pile of mechanic bills got you depressed? We’re here to offer you a solution. Junk Car Traders will give you the highest amount of money you’ll fi …

Fargo – trade your junk car for instant cash

Get quick cash for your clunker in Fargo, ND Trying to figure out the best way to get rid that junk car in your driveway? You’re probably wondering who would ever be interested in buying it or how you’re going to get rid of it. What if someone pulled u …

Grand Forks – major cash for junk cars

Top dollar for your junk car in Grand Forks, ND Here’s the truth: every junk car is worth cash, no matter what shape it’s in. In fact, the clunker sitting in your garage right now might be worth thousands of dollars! Finding out the value of your junk …

Grand Forks County – sell your junk car now

We buy junk cars in Grand Forks County, ND Do you have an automobile that’s been totaled in a car wreck? If so, you’re probably concerned that it no longer has any value whatsoever. Well, Junk Car Traders is here to tell you that your vehicle does stil …

Minot – get cash for your junk car now

We pay max cash for junk cars in Minot You’ve put it off for a very long time, but at this point you can’t continue to ignore what’s necessary. You need to find a buyer for your junk vehicle. We get it: you love that old junk car, and you’ve had it for …

West Fargo – major cash for junk cars

Sell your junk car now Have you made up your mind that the time has arrived to sell your junk car? Wonderful! You’ve made the right choice, and we’re here to help put your plan into action. If you’re in the West Fargo are, Junk Car Traders is by far yo …

Williston – sell your junk car the easy way

Get fast cash for your Williston, ND junk car Are you interested in getting a stack of cash ASAP? Who isn’t, right? Well, if you’ve got a junk car, turning it into fast cash is easier than you might think. You could take that cash and put a down paymen …

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2008 Dodge Avenger338
2007 Ford Explorer550
2007 Pontiac G6200
2006 Ford E250275
2006 Chevrolet Equinox225
2006 Buick Rainier300
2005 Chrysler 300350
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan310
2005 Honda Accord350
2004 Cadillac Escalade1000
2004 Nissan Maxima225
2004 Audi A8500
2004 Dodge Durango315
2004 Acura TL350
2003 Chevrolet Suburban250
2002 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500450
2002 Ford F-150350
2001 Honda Accord200
2001 Dodge Durango225
2000 Toyota 4Runner525
1993 Toyota 4Runner200

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