5 Valuable Metals in Your Junk Car

Five Valuable Metals in Your Junk Car

The most exciting part of selling a junk car is getting cash fast. How much money can you really expect to make from selling your car? The value of a junked car depends on quite a few factors. If your car is not drivable or is damaged beyond repair, then you can expect to make money from selling your car for scrap metal. There are 5 valuable metals in a junk car. The first is brass. Brass is normally found in cars that were made before 1915, which is rare to find. More modern cars typically have very little brass, but you can expect to make about $3.24 per pound. The next valuable metal to think about is steel. Steel is fairly common in modern cars, you can expect to find about 4,000 pounds of steel in an SUV. At $0.21 per pound, you’re making a nice amount of money. Copper is a very valuable metal to sell. Its used as a  great conductor and is used to give your car energy. The larger the car, the more metal there is, and the more value the car has. At $4.68 per pound, copper is the scrap metal that can make you the most money. The last two metals are Palladium and platinum. These two metals hold a lot of value but are not used widely in cars. Both are only used in the catalytic converter and are used in very small amounts. However, if you can get your hands on a few ounces of these metals, you can expect to make quite a bit of money. The largest takeaway is selling your junk car for scrap metal is a great way to make money fast. In general, the larger the car, the more money you can make. 

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