You Junk Car Has Value

Your Junk Car Has Value

It may be hard to believe, but your junk car has value. Even if your car has been sitting and rusting in your garage for years you can still get a good amount of cash for selling it. If you work with us we promise to get you the best quote possible for your car. What happens after you call us is we ask you a few questions about your car. Then we use our expert knowledge and nationwide network of buyers to generate a top dollar quote of you. Once you agree to the quote, we schedule a time for a tow truck to come and tow your car for free. The tow truck driver will arrive with a check for you. You can even cash the check right away and the funds will be available. 

Once you sell the car to us there are a few paths that your car can take. If it is an older car that can no longer drive, we will sell it for scrap metal. In this case the larger the car the more cash we can offer you. This is because the quote is based on the weight of the car and how much scrap metal can be obtained from it. If the car is newer or in driving condition, we reach out to our nationwide network of buyers to see if there is any interest. Sometimes these buyers are looking for a car to rework or they are looking for specific parts. Either way, we will be able to offer you a top dollar quote no matter what condition your car is in.


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