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Nissan Altima Sedan
Year: 2013Offer Price: $1,400
Ford Expedition
Year: 2008Offer Price: $800
Ford Escape
Year: 2016Offer Price: $1,880
Nissan Rogue
Year: 2010Offer Price: $700
Jeep Patriot
Year: 2008Offer Price: $500
Subaru Forester
Year: 2006Offer Price: $450

Pennsylvania, get easy money for your junk car

Are you having a hard time saying goodbye to your Pennsylvania clunker? If your old junk car is on its last leg, it’s time to let it go and get something newer and better. Unfortunately, most private buyers aren’t willing to pay a decent amount for a junk car like yours. Instead, they offer you next to nothing for it. Scrap yards are even worse: they do everything they can to scam you out of it.

Selling a junk car in Pennsylvania used to be a real challenge. Now, though, it’s easy! Why? Because all you have to do is call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325, and you can get cash for your junk car!

At Junk Car Traders, we’re prepared to pay top dollar for your junk car. Not next week, and not next month: we’ll buy your clunker within 24 hours of your call! Give us a call at 855-959-1325 to get started.

We’ll buy any clunker in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re in Philadelphia or in one of the more rural parts of the state, Junk Car Traders is prepared to pay top dollar for your junk car. Best of all, we’ll haul it away at no cost to you. After you call, we’ll send out one of our friendly tow truck drivers to haul your junk car away for free, and they’ll pay you cash on the spot!

Get cash for your clunker

Selling a junk car online is such a pain. Instead, just call Junk Car Traders. We’ll get you cash within 24 hours, with no complications or headache involved! We’ve got a great reputation, and our customers love us.

Ready to sell your junk car today? Call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325!

Sell your old junk car.

Whatever kind of activity you have in mind, the reality is that it’s impossible to get to your destination around Pennsylvania when you are using a junk car. Though it can be fixed so it can keep going, you’ll realize that it is not really worth all the money you put into it, especially when you realize that the total price of the repairs already could have made you an owner of a brand new car. So why spend thousands for an end of life vehicle, when you can buy something that’s brand new?

What do you do now? Simple. Contact Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325 and know how much cash can you get for your clunker. You could earn as much as thousands of dollars for it. We will never force our customers to take our quote, but should they decide that they are satisfied with it, then they’re guaranteed to get the bang for their buck.

Purchasing cars everywhere

So no matter where you are situated in the area, you’re sure to get a free quote. To know more, call us today to discuss your clunker and most probably you’ll be able to get a quote for thousands of dollars instantly. Moreover, we show our integrity by not promoting additional fees or charges to our customers.

It’s no doubt that life in Pennsylvania is exhilarating and dynamic. As the city life is booming, more establishments are on the rise, and even more people are buying brand new cars so they can either keep up with the current auto trends or simply flaunt their new ride. So why not have yourself a brand new car by using the money you’re going to earn with your old one? Call Junk Car Traders and get the best deal today!    

Simplicity is the key when you sell

We will keep everything simple and fast. Perhaps the only thing you’re going to spend is only a few minutes of your time. Call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325, and you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ve  gotten a quote for top dollar! Prepare your title and registration when our tower comes to haul your junk vehicle away. 

Sell that old car today with Junk Car Traders! 855-959-1325.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

After we purchase your junk car and tow it away free of charge, we sell it to someone in our nationwide network of online buyers or junk yards. These buyers are either interested in junk cars for themselves or for scrap metal. Once your car is resold, the new buyer will take care of draining you junk car of the toxic fluids that are in it.

It is not a bad idea, but it will take some extra effort to determine if the junk yard you are considering is a scam or not. Some things to look out for is if they change the price suddenly on you or only offer to pay in a voucher. They may also ask you to pay for towing.

The amount you're going to get for the tax refund will depend on your income and other factors. For this, you need to have an accountant to assist you. Call your accountant, explain the situation to them, and you can relay that information to us when you plan on donating your car. Give us a call to know more about tax refunds on car donation.

Yes you can still sell a clunker without its wheels. In fact, you can sell junk cars with missing parts. Just tell us which parts are missing from your car so we can offer you a good quote for it.

When it comes to buying and selling clunkers or junk cars, we make sure that we follow all rules and regulations required in a car sale. To ensure that the junk car sale will go smoothly and easily, make sure you have with you your copy of the title and registration.

After you have sold us your car, we will then find a premium buyer who will either get it for its parts or wants to fix it up for themselves. If your car is in really bad shape or it is in a totalled state, then the most efficient way to get rid of it while making money is to sell the car for both its parts and scrap metal. Ultimately, all we want is to find you the highest value for your clunker.

If your car lacks it wheels, then it's no problem! You just have to make sure to inform us so we can hand such info to our tow truck driver. Even though having the four wheels intact can increase the money you will get for your car, a lot of our customers still choose to keep their wheels despite the deduction. Call us today and know how you can get top dollar for your clunker without wheels.

In reality, car towing services can cost up to a couple hundred dollars, depending on the condition and the weight of your car. Sell your car to any local junkyard out there an you will be charged for towing. But with us, we tow every car for free, no matter what the condition it is in.

A title is not really required to sell your junk car, however having one will make the sale a lot smoother and faster. Selling a car without its title is actually a logistical nightmare to us, so we will not be able to give you the most cash for it. If you need some assistance to get a fresh copy of the title, just call us and we will help you with it.

We will hand you your payment when we come to pick up your car. You should never accept an offer to sell your vehicle if the buyer requests to pay you at a later time. Once you sign the title of the car over you no longer own it and the buyer may not be legally required to pay you anymore. Only accept an offer for your clunker if you will receive immediate payment.

We usually make arrangements for free towing within 24 to 48 hours of your acceptance of our offer. The tow truck driver will have your payment to hand over to you. Sign your title but do not hand it over until you have received payment in your hand and make sure that it is the amount that it is supposed to be. Then hand over your title. If for some reason you will not be present to meet the tow truck operator then we will work with you to make a different arrangement that is most convenient for you.

There may be only a select group of buyers interested in your vehicle if it no longer cranks up because most buyers want to invest in the vehicle in order to get the most value from the salvageable parts. Also without the keys they cannot check out how the engine of the car runs. We will still give you as much as possible for your junk car even it will not crank.

You can choose the option to donate your car directly to the charity in hopes that you will receive a tax deduction but that is not always what happens. Donating services for the charity are in control and the charity that you intended for your car donation to help may not get the percentage that you would life for them to have. By selling your junk car to us for the most cash possible you can take a check for the amount directly to the charity of your choice.

We will give you the highest quote possible once we determine the value of your car. Junk car prices can vary significantly so we offer personalized quotes. We need to know a few things such as the make, model, and condition of your clunker. Then we can give you a top dollar quote.

It really depends on what state you live in. In some states you will need to provide the registration before you will be able to sell the car. In other states you will not need the registration to sell your junk car. If you have any questions you can go ahead and call us and one of our agents will gladly help you.

There are multiple variables that determine the value of your car. The condition, weight, age, and model can all contribute. An older beat up car will hold most of its value in its weight. Give us a call and our expert agents will determine the exact value of your car and give you a quick top dollar quote.

In most cases we can send a tow truck to your location the day after you call us. Your location and the state of your vehicle can have an effect on the time it takes. We will give you an exact time and date to expect the tower and make all of the arrangements for you. We make selling your clunker as easy as it can be.

When you sign the title over to us the tow truck driver will hand you a check with your name on it. As soon as you get the check you will be able to cash it. We know that fast cash is important to our customers so we strive to make the process easy. Call us today to get the selling process started.

We do our very best to pay top dollar for junk cars especially if you have your title. However we buy all junk cars regardless of the condition. The only thing that we do is determine the true value. Some factors that we consider are the weight and make and model. Even an old junk car that is heavy has worth to us because its metals can be melted down and be worth a good amount of cash depending on the going rate of scrap metal.

We will purchase our vehicle for top dollar regardless to condition or whether it runs or not. Give us a call and answer a few basic questions so that we can determine the real value of your vehicle. Even if the motor is stuck or frozen we will still buy the car because it has worth even if it just the metals and a few other parts that may be reused.

We advice that you not try to assume that your vehicle is not worth anything. Just give us a call and a information about your vehicle and then one of our agents will get to work finding the best use for your junk car and the best price. If the vehicle is going to be recycled then you will receive the maximum price for the value of the metal composition which is based on weight. If you vehicle has the potential to be driven on the road again then it may be sold to a premium buyer for the most money possible.

There are certainly some people who do not have the best business practices. In fact they will try to scam you with a ridiculously low offer or buy asking you to agree to a lower or higher offer than you agreed to. Look out for potential buyers that want to wire you money for your vehicle despite the condition or without taking a look at it. You can stay away from scammers by doing business with us because we have a reputation that supports the positive way that we treat our customers and how we go to bat for every junk car seller to ensure they receive the most money possible for their vehicle.

Since we buy junk cars in a variety of conditions then we will buy yours without the wheels. Missing wheels will not significantly reduce your quote but we do need you to let us know so that we can send the proper tow truck you remove your vehicle. If a junk car will be best recycled and resold then the wheels are not necessary anyway.

When dealing with a junkyard you need to be sure that the company is reputable and has enough reviews to vouch that you can get a fair price for selling your vehicle. Sometimes a junkyard has been doing business for a long time in the area and already has established relationships. On the other hand if you sell your junk car to a recycling company them you will get paid more and also deal with professional agents who know how to get extract the maximum value for your vehicle while also disposing of any unused parts in an environmentally appropriate manner.

We know that getting your money fast is important when deciding who you are going to sell your junk car to. It may surprise you to learn that we can buy your junk car and pay your at the same time that we tow your car. Our drivers will hand over the check as soon as you sign the title over to us.

There are many scams which can be hard to avoid if you are not knoweldgeable of them. Some buyers will lower their offer after the initial quote. Other scams include a delayed payment that will not come. You should only sell your junk car to a reputable service. We offer immediate payment guarantee and a top dollar quote guarantee. There are no surprises when you sell to us other than the amount we offer you.

There are many scams in the junk car industry. You should sell to a buyer that is reputable and has a positive online prescence. Do not accept offers for your clunker that do not guarantee immediate payment of the exact quoted amount. Once you sign the title of your car over you are no longer the owner of it.

From the time that you receive and accept our quote over the phone we can usually make arrangements for the tow truck driver to pick up your vehicle within 24 hours and complete the transaction with the exchange of your payment for the signed copy of the title. Let us know if you are in a hurry and we will do whatever we can to expedite the process depending on what time of the day you call us. The earlier that you call then the better chance we have to get towing scheduled.

The one thing that we do when we buy a junk car is to make sure that we comply with state rules and regulations needed to legally transfer the title and ownership to us. With the proper documents like the title and registration the process will go smoother and you will receive top dollar for your vehicle.

The car donation process can be more complicated or easy depending on how you donate your vehicle. Be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate charity and understand you may or may not qualify for a tax write off. If that is a consideration in your decision to donate then you want to be sure that you check with your accountant about your specific situation. Sell your junk car to us with the option to take a check to the charity yourself or have us to send it to the charity for you. This will get make the process easier and faster.


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