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There’s no shame in admitting your once-great car is now a junk car. You had a good, long run together, but the time and miles have taken a toll on your car. Your car might not get as many miles to the gallon as it used to, it may have been banged up in an accident, or the salty winter roads may have even gotten the best of it–whichever combination of those has done a number on your car, you’re surely tired of the junky car and want it out of your life, now.

Wondering how to sell your junk car in Pittsburgh that no one wants to buy? If your car is damaged, ugly or won’t run, you won’t get very many interested buyers. Posting ads online or in the newspaper may take anywhere from days to months to result in a buyer. Good luck taking your junky car to a dealership and getting an offer. If you happen to get lucky and someone does end up wanting to look at it, they’ll come ready to haggle and find things wrong to knock the price down. Chances are your interested buyer will try to make you pay for things like shipping the car to them.  

Junk Car Traders is well aware of the junk car selling horror stories in Pittsburgh. In the end, most people get so frustrated that they hide the car in the back of their garage or just take it to a junkyard for no cash at all. Junk Car Traders is a junk car buyer who has a fast and reliable answer to your unfruitful attempts at selling your junk car for cash.

We buy cars everywhere in Pittsburgh

Even though Pittsburg, PA has lots of options for public transportation, if you’re like most residents in the city you rely on your car for your daily commute. Getting to and from work, shopping, meeting friends; they aren’t always at times and locations near a bus stop.

Even though many people are choosing to not drive when they can walk, many of the bus routes aren’t always near desired destinations. Trying to arrange your activities around a bus route doesn’t always work.

Junk Car Traders will help you with the first difficult task. We will buy that junk car from you for cash. When you contact us, we quickly give you an estimate and if you like our quote, we arrange for a tow truck to come to your location and tow the junk car. You can expect your cash right away. We buy cars in all areas of the city and when you call us we will tell you if your location is covered.

Don’t wait another day to sell your junk car in Pittsburgh

You don’t have to spend another minute staring at your junk car, wondering what to do about it. No need to spend another dollar on repairs. You don’t have to try to drive that junk car around any longer. Selling the car on your own might take a while, but if you call Junk Car Traders, you could have your cash as soon as the same day. You read correctly. We don’t have a long, tedious process for you to go through. You won’t have to wait ages to get your car towed and then even longer to cash your check. Junk Car Traders knows how to get the job done fast in Pittsburgh. A ten minute phone conversation gets the process started. Don’t procrastinate, call us today at 855-959-1325.

Exchange Your Junk Car For Quick Cash When You Sell It Pittsburgh?

Exchange your junk car for quick cash when you sell it Pittsburgh. You no longer want to keep fixing repairs after break downs on the side of the road. Sell you junk car and get paid cash today. You likely have many options in terms of what you can do with that junk car in your garage that has just been sitting there for many years. Sometimes vehicles are not sold because they have some sentimental value. You know that the vehicle is not worth much. Call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325 to take the first step to selling your junk car.

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

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Ron Palmer

They did what they promised with little hassle. The only negative is they called me three times in a day and a half before I accepted.


Quick and easy , cash on the spot. Nice job Thanks guys


My experience with this company from the initial phone call to their picking up my vehicle was easy and stress free. I highly recommend them.

Bill Sipes

It all happened fast and on schedule. The price I received was better than the competition and the tow driver was very polite.

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