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It’s harder than it should be to get the value of your junk car in cash. Dishonest methods of some Knoxville scrap yards don’t make it any easier. Junk Car Traders will show you what an experience with a reputable junk car buyer should be like. We provide high-quality service for our customers, and that’s what they have come to expect from us. Junk Car Traders removes the obstacles that people have come to expect while selling a junk car and gives you the best offers for your clunker you’ll find in Knoxville, TN. Contact us and find out about what we can do for you and let us tell you about our guarantee for your satisfaction as a customer!

Junk Car Traders wants to buy your clunker in Knoxville

Your problem with your junk car might just be that it’s taking up real estate you can use for something else. Have you thought of the fact that during the time it spends sitting around and rusting, its value is constantly dropping? On top of that, you might get fines from the city for keeping an uninsured eyesore on your property. Don’t wait for your clunker to turn into a huge bill, contact Junk Car Traders– with their experience in helping lots of people just like you, they can help you too.

No matter your location in or around Knoxville, you don’t want to be stuck with a junk car. If you’re out having a nice time and your car stops working, you’ll be looking for someone with experience to assist you and have your car towed at no charge to you.

If you have an injury, you don’t trust just anyone with it – you want a professional! Why would your car require anything different? We will pick up your car at no charge to you, and even help with getting paperwork in order like copies of your registration and title from the DMV. Contact us and let us tell you how we can assist you.

Still hesitating?

From start to finish, we’ll assist with your journey of selling your clunker in Knoxville, TN. We make it simple and easy, not making you jump through any hoops. Our steps are easy to complete and aren’t complicated. Our experts are always available to assist with selling your clunker and to give you a handsome sum of money. Don’t wait any longer!

You won’t find higher quality service anywhere else. Many people have already become our satisfied customers by selling us their junk car and getting cash. We offer free removal of your junk car, give you a satisfaction guarantee, and will pay you the most money possible for your clunker! Call us now at 855-959-1325 to get more information!

How to sign a junk car title inKnoxville, Tennessee

Our agents will walk you through how to properly sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.

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Monette Hurley

Yes I would. They where great!!!!!!

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Excellent experience. Price for car is exactly what was quoted.


Try to work with my convinces.

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Nice and easy

Need a new title or registration we can help. We can often buy cars without titles or find your local DMV in the list below:
Knoxville(865) 594-63997320 Region Ln
Knoxville(865) 215-2695300 W Main St
Knoxville(865) 922-52107028 Maynardville Pike
Knoxville(865) 215-85001028 Old Cedar Bluff Rd
Knoxville(865) 577-45107339 Chapman Hwy
Knoxville(865) 690-6393430 Montbrook Ln
Knoxville207 Center Park Dr Ste 2170
Knoxville3010 S Mall Rd NE
Knoxville3001 Knoxville Center Dr

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