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So, you’ve got a junk car that you need to sell. Whenever you’re looking to sell a car, there are a few routes you can take: you go with a private party; reach out to a dealership; sell it part by part; or, take it to a scrap yard. If you’re trying to work with a private party buyer in Amarillo, you’ve already experienced what a headache it can be. Meanwhile, dealerships don’t want to buy a junk car: they only want cars that look good and run well. If they offer you anything at all, it’s probably pennies.

While scrap yards might be interested in your car, they can be pretty unreliable. Maybe they offer one price, but then change their mind later. Or, it seems like you’ve gotten a good deal, but then they try to charge you a bunch of last minute fees.

Why waste your time with these other options when you can get top cash for your car today? If you’re ready to sell your junk car and you want to work with a reputable company, then call Junk Car Traders today in Amarillo, TX. We work locally and all across the country, paying cash for cars just like yours. With our own private tow truck drivers, we can pick up your car in Amarillo right away. And the best part? We do it free of charge!

We’ve got the best reputation in town

After years of working as a junk car buyer, we know how to take good care of our customers in Amarillo. We know you’ve spent a lot of money trying to fix up your car, and our goal is to pay you the most we possibly can for your vehicle.

We have a team of qualified representatives standing by who are ready to quote you top dollar for your car. Once you agree to the price we quote you, we’ll set up a day and time to come and pick up your car. More often than not, we can come out the same day and put cash in your hands immediately!

Don’t give your junk car away for next to nothing. No matter how old or busted up it is, we want to pay you a premium for it! Whether you’re in City Center, or located off of Sleepy Hollow Blvd, W 13th Ave., or Bell St., we’re ready to come take care of your junk car problem.

Selling your junk car in Amarillo, TX doesn’t get any simpler

Ready to get rid of your junk car? The process is easy. First, make sure you have the following on hand:

  • A current state ID or driver’s license
  • Vehicle title and registration
  • Your car’s bill of sale (if you don’t have the title)

Next, here’s what you need to do:

  • Call Junk Car Traders and answer a few simple questions about your vehicle’s model, year, make, and condition
  • We’ll quote you top dollar for your vehicle
  • Once you agree to the quote, we’ll set up a time to come and pick up your vehicle
  • Be there with the vehicle when we arrive, sign over the title, and get a stack of cash!

Why wait another day to get cash for your old junk car in Amarillo, TX? This is your chance to finally be done with the stress and hassle of owning an old clunker! Are you ready to trade it in for hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Don’t delay: call us today at 855-959-1325!


Amarillo – Paying cash for your junk car

You already realize that your car isn’t running like it once did when you first purchased it. So, now you are considering upgrading to a late model or new one. The problem is that you aren’t sure where to sell your junk car to. Junk Car Traders hears many people who finally come to them say the same thing. But, the experts at Junk Car Traders know how to help. Regardless to how old your vehicle is, what it looks like or even if it is operating right, Junk Car Traders pays large amounts of cash for any kind of car you have if you live in Amarillo.If you are looking to get rid of your vehicle without further delay, give Junk Car Traders a call @ 855-959-1325. In less than 24 hours of giving you a quote of your vehicle’s worth, they will send a tow truck to pick it up for FREE. 


If you were to try to sell your car to a private buyer, expect to be met with a lot of resistance from buyers who will try to take it off your hands for free or who want to give you a few token dollars. 

So, either people don’t want to deal with a car that has problems or they don’t want to pay what the car is actually worth, even if it isn’t running. However, that’s not the case with Junk Car Traders. We loves all cars in any condition. Junk Car Traders pays maximum dollars for old junk cars no matter the operating status. Call us at 855-959-1325 and let us inform you with quote of how much cash we will pay you for your junk car! 


Paying big cash for any junk car in Amarillo

If you have a car in Amarillo, then Junk Car Traders is interested. We do not care how old it is, nor what kind of car, it’s color or even whether it is running condition. If it sounds like we would pay cash for your car, then you are correct! No matter where you live, we will get rid of your car for you and tow it for free. From the paperwork process to picking it up, we are there every step of the way. 


Call us now at 855-959-1325 to see what we need from you. If you have your car title and registration, and of course the car, we can get the process started. We will answer some basic questions for you if you do not have your title or registration. We intend to make the process as easy as possible, so give us a call for a quote. If you are satisfied with the quote, which we are confident you will be, then we will discuss when to come and haul the car off and leave you with mounds of cash on the spot. Are you ready for your quote, then call us today at 855-959-1325.

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


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Great experience. I had to get rid of a bunch of old parts from years of keeping my clunker on the road longer than it had any right to be there and they took those away too. Very easy process.


Very quick and easy.

Monette Hurley

Yes I would. They where great!!!!!!

Ron Palmer

They did what they promised with little hassle. The only negative is they called me three times in a day and a half before I accepted.

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