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Your car has seen many miles and has been part of many memories, but the day has come for you to sell it for cash in El Paso. It was a tough decision. You’ve already gone the route of expensive repairs, but those repairs only lasted for so long before something else broke and your repair fund was empty–and your car is now no more reliable than before.

Of course you wouldn’t want to give up your old car in El Paso for free. Even though you can’t get more miles out of it, you’ve probably wondered if there might be someone who would want to buy it. You’re intuition is correct. The used car market is extremely large, and plenty of people have taken advantage of it to get great rates for their used cars. That’s if the car is in good condition… you won’t find as many interested buyers for a car that needs extensive repairs or doesn’t work at all.

So, this is the point when you start looking for junk car buyers in El Paso. Junk car buyers like Junk Car Traders. We want to give you cash for your junk car despite its damaged or worn out condition. We buy used cars in decent condition, cars that have been accident and weather damaged, ones with serious mechanical problems, and ones that don’t even run.

We buy junk cars throughout El Paso

Public transportation will get you almost everywhere you want to go within the city limits of El Paso, TX. But, what about when you want to go to the next town or just outside the city limits somewhere? Or, what if you just want the freedom to travel whenever, wherever, free of bus schedules?

You’ll need a dependable car to do that. A car that will start every time and isn’t an embarrassment to be seen in. To get a good car, you need money. Selling your junk car will help you with that. Junk Car Traders will buy your old junk car and pay you in cash so you can use that cash for your new car.

We happily service all areas of El Paso including surrounding neighborhoods like Chaparral, Sparks, Clint, Berino and more. Unsure if we’ll come to your area? Call us and we’ll surely tell you.

Turn your El Paso rust bucket into quick money

Junk cars can give even the most sane owners headaches. If you have an old car on your property–ugly, damaged, or constantly needing repairs, that wearing on your nerves and making you want to call it quits, Junk Car Traders is your ticket to turning your junk car into cold hard cash in El Paso.

Most interested buyers you’ll encounter, especially dealerships, will only want to buy a car that runs great and is easy on the eyes. Junk Car Traders gives offers on cars despite their age, condition, type, or appearance. Provide the right documentation, and a car that has recyclable potential, and we’ll give you an offer you’ll be happy to accept.

Call us today at 855-959-1325 and hear what we have to say!

How to sign a junk car title

Our agents will walk you through how to property sign your junk car title. You can refer to the image below to ask any questions so you can ensure a fast and easy sale of your vehicle.


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Yes I would. They where great!!!!!!

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They did what they promised with little hassle. The only negative is they called me three times in a day and a half before I accepted.

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Positive Experience. Would recommend to others.


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