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Year: 2013Offer Price: $2,890
Kia Rio
Year: 2016Offer Price: $1,119
Nissan Sentra
Year: 2015Offer Price: $1,388
Dodge Avenger
Year: 2014Offer Price: $812
Ford Focus Sedan (4 doors)
Year: 2013Offer Price: $750
Toyota Camry
Year: 2009Offer Price: $1,077

Utah, sell your junk car to us

Now’s the time. You have an old clunker, and it’s finally stopped working. You don’t have much choice: you have to admit that it’s bit the dust. You’d like to keep it running, but that isn’t really an option. No, sadly, you have to say goodbye to your old Utah junk car.

But, fortunately, we have something that will cheer you up. Junk Car Traders will pay you top dollar for that old junk car, and you can use that cash to go buy something newer! With a vehicle that’s in better shape, you’ll be good to go for years! Call us at Junk Car Traders to get started.

When you’re ready to sell your clunker, Junk Car Traders is your best option without a doubt. We’ll buy any junk car, no matter its condition. Old? Rusted? Broken down? Totaled? No problem! We’ll still pay top dollar for it. Just call us at 855-959-1325!

We’ll buy any clunker in Utah

Why work with Junk Car Traders? Here’s why:

  • We pay top dollar for junk cars, and will beat any other offer in the area
  • We don’t care what shape your car’s in: we’ll still pay the most for it
  • No matter where you are in Utah, we’ll haul away your junk car for free
  • No title? No worries: we’ll still buy your clunker in Utah

Sell your junk car today

When you’re ready to sell your junk car, all you need are the title and registration. Call us at 855-959-1325, answer a few questions, and we’ll set up a day and time to haul away your vehicle. From there, we’ll tow your clunker for free and pay you cash on the spot.

Now’s your chance to cash in your junk car: call us at 855-959-1325!

Utah - your clunker is  worth thousands


Junk Car Traders gives the right price for your junk car in Utah


A lot of people have junk car in their possession, and the bitter truth is they are finding it hard to sell it. You see, keeping a junk car is not a sound investment. It will derail your daily travel from point A to point B, and worse, it will make you spend more cash on cumulative repairs just to keep it running. 


You need to face it: your automobile is already becoming more obsolete. Keeping something that's not running properly anymore can be a headache. You keep on spending money just to keep it going, and then one repair leads to another until you go broke.


Junk Car Traders is here to remedy your clunker situation. Sell your old car to us, and we guarantee that you'll be earning between a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. It doesn't matter if your car won't start anymore, or if it's missing the entire engine or all of its tires. Junk Car Traders buys your car without question, and what's more, we tow it without charge! In other words, you keep what you earn. 


The number one buyer of junk cars


We have been in the business of buying junk cars for years, and we're proud to say that we've always made our customers happy. Get your instant and accurate free quote when you call us at 855-959-1325, and we base it on the most up to date scrap metal prices today. We can also answer any query you have about selling your junk car in Utah.


Get rid of your old car now


With Junk Car Traders, selling your junk car is never difficult and we are here to give you the best deal possible. We use a straightforward system that will help you earn the cash your car is worth efficiently and without any problem or delay. Moreover, Junk Car Traders will tow your car for free anywhere in Utah. So, what are you waiting for? Call us at 855-959-1325, and earn thousands instantly!

Never settle for anything less when it comes to selling your clunker. Call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325 today.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to increase the value of you junk car is the have all the proper paperwork. Having the registration and title can increase the quote that we give you. Lost both? Just give Junk Car Traders and we can walk you through how to get another copy.

Rusty's will show you exactly how much your clunker is worth, and its real value just might surprise you! In a matter of few minutes, we can give you a top dollar quote for your car, right after you answer sa few queries from us.

Getting that clunker off your hands is a quick process. Call us today and you can say goodbye to your clunker within 24 hours. Our fast service sets us apart from our competitors, and we definitely go the extra mile to make sure our customer's car sale goes fast!

To make the transaction go smoothly and easily, you're going to need the car's title, registration, and your driver's license or any valid ID. If you are missing these necessary documents, then don't worry, Rusty's will help you acquire them. Call us today and one of our agents will discuss this with you.

Natural disasters are prevalent, and they can do some serious damage to a car. One good example are floods, which can lead to some serious damage to vehicles such as a total engine shutdown. At Rusty's Auto Salvage, we do buy cars that have been subjected to flooding, and we still pay a top dollar price for it.

Our main goal is to beat our competitors prices. We offer better quotes than our competitors time and time again. This is because of our years of experience and our expert workers. We have a large network of buyers and experts who are comfortable with dealing with junk and damaged cars.

We always tow any car for free whether it is mobile or immobile and regardless to the condition. You pay absolutely nothing. We set up the schedule with the tower and all that is required is for you to be present to receive your payment. We do not leave you hanging and will do a follow up to ensure that everything went well with the final steps of the process.

Broken windows can happen for a number of reasons. A new vehicle can get a cracked windshield from a rock on the road. But that alone will not impact the value of your vehicle. Depending on the overall condition of the vehicle some buyers may be interested in replacing the windshield and fixing up any other repairs. Pick up the phone and connect with a professional buying expert about what your car might be worth.

We do not waste any time moving forward with the process to get you your money. Once arrangements for shipping are complete then you will receive your check from the tow truck operator who comes to pick up your vehicle. Take care that you hold onto your signed title copy until your payment is in your hand. Check to see if it was what you were quoted. After you check the amount then you can hand over your title to the tow truck operator.

All in all the process is straightforward. The first thing that you need to do is let us know that you want donate your car. Then you need to contact an accountant. Finally we will happily help you complete the official paperwork.

After you sign the title over the us the tow truck driver will hand you a check with your name on it. Next they will tow your car away for free. Then depending on its make and model we will either sell it do an expert buyer or we will sell it for scrap metal. either way you will get a great quote. Call us today to get the process started.

The best way to get the most money for your car is to have your registration and title ready. These documents can increase the value of your car and may be required depending on state laws. We are happy to help you obtain these documents. Otherwise we are happy to buy your clunker in the condition it is right now.

We aim for 100 percent customer satisfaction and have a service guarantee. Our goal is to give you the easiest and safest way to sell your junk car for top dollar. You are free to cancel your transaction at any point before you sign your title over to us. We will handle scheduling with the towing provider and follow up with you to make sure everything went smoothly

Not everyone provides free towing like we do. You never pay for towing so you need to check with any competitors that you may be getting quotes whether they pay for towing. We set up the day and time that your vehicle will be picked up. We will send a special tow truck if your vehicle has flat tires or does not start.

Charities benefit from cash because it gives them more freedom and flexibility to meet the needs of those they serve. Donating a junk car through a junk car service that understands the process and is experience enough to get the paperwork processed properly and that can make it possible for them to receive a cash donation rather than the physical car. We can make that happen. Sell your junk car to us for the maximum worth of the vehicle and the cash can be mailed or hand delivered to the charity that you select.

Yes. You should receive an email copy of a receipt indicating that you have sold your junk car. Please contact us right away if you have not received that email with your receipt attached. The reason that the receipt is important to you is because you will need it to present to your insurance company to let them know that you no longer have the car and to cancel your insurance and also to protect yourself against any incidents that might be associated with the vehicle if it is resold and put on the road again. That is why it is also important for you to remove the plates from your vehicle prior to tow time so that you can return those to the DMV.

If you choose to work with us it will cost nothing to have your car towed away. This means that you can have your car towed away for free while making money from selling. That sounds like the best deal ever. Call us today to learn more about the selling process and to learn how much your junk car may be worth.

You can sell your junk car without registration in many states. Some state laws require that you have a registration to sell your vehicle. If you need to obtain a new registration we are happy to help. Give us a call to learn more and get started.

There are multiple factors that determine your tax refund after donating your car. You should talk to an accountant to determine how much your deduction will be worth. You can then let us know what they have said when you want to donate your car. Give us a call to learn more about donating your old vehicle.

When it comes to getting paid the maximum worth of the vehicle the registration does not play the major role. We would love for you to present us with both the title and registration. However the title is required if you want to receive a top dollar quote. Let us know when you call to sell your junk vehicle if you have the required documents.

Floods can do some serious damage to vehicles. They can seriously damage major parts and components including the engine. Regardless to the condition of the vehicle we will still buy it for the maximum price we can offer.

We present payment to you in the form of a check or even cash if it is possible at the time that the tow operator picks up your vehicle. Once the payment is in your hands then you will sign the back of the title for the vehicle and hand it over. Whether you sell your vehicle to us or not we do not recommend that anyone hand over the signed title before getting payment in their hands. Once you hand over the signed title then the vehicle no longer belongs to you. You should not have to wait around for your payment and when you sell to us you do not wait because we have a fast process that keep moving until you get paid.


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