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Brigham City – max cash for junk cars

Get paid today for your clunker It can be a real hassle trying to sell your old junk car. No matter how hard you look, there aren’t any buyers who will make a serious offer on it. They offer you pennies for your vehicle. Well, Junk Car Traders is here …

Clearfield – we’ll buy your clunker

Get cash for your junk car in Clearfield, UT Most junk car owners out there can tell you the same thing: they’ve spent way too much money trying to fix up their clunker, and even more time and energy trying to sell it. But, after working hard to sell t …

Layton – your clunker is worth cash

Your junk car could turn into money in your pocket today You see the eyesore every time you look in the garage or your driveway: your junk car. Your neighbors and family can’t wait for you to get rid of it. You can’t wait to get rid of it. How about do …

Logan – sell your junk car the easy way

We’ll buy your junk car in Logan, UT Are you running into difficulties attempting to sell your junk car here in Logan? We get it. Your vehicle is full of mechanical issues, and it doesn’t even start when you try to turn the key. That can make selling i …

Ogden – get paid cash for your junk car

We offer the best prices on junky cars Ready to part with the junky car you own? You can stop searching, you’ve found Junk Car Traders! We will give a great cash offer for your old car and can pay you in as little as 24 hours from when you call us. We …

Orem – paying the most for junk cars

Easy cash for your Orem junk car Are you embarrassed by the presence of your junk car? Well guess what? You could turn that junk car into cash today, thanks to Junk Car Traders! All it takes is a quick phone call, and next thing you know: easy money. W …

Provo – rapid cash for your junk car

Get cash today for your clunker Are you trying to figure out what to do with your junk car? Maybe you’ve considered trying to sell it. But then you think of how complicated it’ll be, and you’re not so sure. After all, there’s a ton of stuff to worry ab …

Salt Lake City – we pay cash for your junk car

Cash in your clunker Did your car break down at the last Utah Jazz game? Did you land at Salt Lake City International, head out to the parking lot, and find that your car won’t start? Stop wasting money on a trainwreck of a car. Instead, let Junk Car T …

Sandy – sell your junk car for cash

Let us pay cash for your Sandy junk car Here in Utah, a lot of people think that their junk car isn’t worth anything. Beyond that, they think that trying to sell it is going to be a nightmare. Are you one of these people? Are you so worried about scamm …

South Jordan – trade your junk car for cash

Get paid today for your South Jordan clunker Have you decided to sell your junk car? Congratulations! It’s not the easiest thing in the world, though, at least not if you try to sell it using an online classified ad. Fortunately though, Junk Car Trader …

St. George – max cash for your junk car

We pay top dollar for junk cars in St. George, UT Back in the day, your clunker was in good condition. You had to keep up with repairs now and then, but generally speaking it was pretty reliable. At this point, though, the stack of repairs is endless. …

Utah County – great cash for bad cars

We’ll buy any car in Utah County Exhausted of dealing with junk car problems? Could use the space its taking up for something else? Towing it can run up a high bill quickly, but what if we told you that you could get it towed for free and get cash for …

West Jordan – easy money for your clunker

Top cash for your junk car in West Jordan, UT Selling a clunker here in West Jordan can be a real hassle. Dealers offer you next to nothing for it, because it’s in awful condition. But private parties don’t want it, either: after all, it won’t even sta …

West Valley City – get up to $12,000 for your junk car

Cold hard cash for your West Valley City clunker What a huge hassle. Your car has completely bit the dust, and now you’ve got to get rid of it somehow. But how do you deal with selling off such a junky old car? It won’t even start anymore. Private part …

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Nissan Sentra
Year: 2014Offer Price: $1,400
Kia New Sportage
Year: 2006Offer Price: $600
GMC Terrain
Year: 2014Offer Price: $1,550
Nissan Murano
Year: 2012Offer Price: $700
Kia Sorento
Year: 2016Offer Price: $2,600
Honda Accord Sedan
Year: 2011Offer Price: $1,181

Utah, sell your junk car to us

Now’s the time. You have an old clunker, and it’s finally stopped working. You don’t have much choice: you have to admit that it’s bit the dust. You’d like to keep it running, but that isn’t really an option. No, sadly, you have to say goodbye to your old Utah junk car.

But, fortunately, we have something that will cheer you up. Junk Car Traders will pay you top dollar for that old junk car, and you can use that cash to go buy something newer! With a vehicle that’s in better shape, you’ll be good to go for years! Call us at Junk Car Traders to get started.

When you’re ready to sell your clunker, Junk Car Traders is your best option without a doubt. We’ll buy any junk car, no matter its condition. Old? Rusted? Broken down? Totaled? No problem! We’ll still pay top dollar for it. Just call us at 855-959-1325!

We’ll buy any clunker in Utah

Why work with Junk Car Traders? Here’s why:

  • We pay top dollar for junk cars, and will beat any other offer in the area
  • We don’t care what shape your car’s in: we’ll still pay the most for it
  • No matter where you are in Utah, we’ll haul away your junk car for free
  • No title? No worries: we’ll still buy your clunker in Utah

Sell your junk car today

When you’re ready to sell your junk car, all you need are the title and registration. Call us at 855-959-1325, answer a few questions, and we’ll set up a day and time to haul away your vehicle. From there, we’ll tow your clunker for free and pay you cash on the spot.

Now’s your chance to cash in your junk car: call us at 855-959-1325!

Utah - your clunker is  worth thousands


Junk Car Traders gives the right price for your junk car in Utah


A lot of people have junk car in their possession, and the bitter truth is they are finding it hard to sell it. You see, keeping a junk car is not a sound investment. It will derail your daily travel from point A to point B, and worse, it will make you spend more cash on cumulative repairs just to keep it running. 


You need to face it: your automobile is already becoming more obsolete. Keeping something that's not running properly anymore can be a headache. You keep on spending money just to keep it going, and then one repair leads to another until you go broke.


Junk Car Traders is here to remedy your clunker situation. Sell your old car to us, and we guarantee that you'll be earning between a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. It doesn't matter if your car won't start anymore, or if it's missing the entire engine or all of its tires. Junk Car Traders buys your car without question, and what's more, we tow it without charge! In other words, you keep what you earn. 


The number one buyer of junk cars


We have been in the business of buying junk cars for years, and we're proud to say that we've always made our customers happy. Get your instant and accurate free quote when you call us at 855-959-1325, and we base it on the most up to date scrap metal prices today. We can also answer any query you have about selling your junk car in Utah.


Get rid of your old car now


With Junk Car Traders, selling your junk car is never difficult and we are here to give you the best deal possible. We use a straightforward system that will help you earn the cash your car is worth efficiently and without any problem or delay. Moreover, Junk Car Traders will tow your car for free anywhere in Utah. So, what are you waiting for? Call us at 855-959-1325, and earn thousands instantly!

Never settle for anything less when it comes to selling your clunker. Call Junk Car Traders at 855-959-1325 today.

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